Friday, August 9, 2013

First week in the MTC

Bula everyone!
Vakacava tiko? Well the MTC is amazing and the spirit is so strong, I love it! It's such a special place where so many young people have the same purpose as I do and that is to bring others unto Christ. The language is pretty hard but I'm starting to get better at it. I think I learned more in the last 5-6 days then I did in 6 years of Hawaiian! Crazy! We had to teach an investigator on the second day we were here and the whole lesson had to be in Fijian! I was so nervous because all I knew how to say was "Hi. How are you?" and that's it. I was so nervous and I had no idea what to say. Good thing there was a book that had translations of all the lessons so we just memorized the lines, but our lesson was only like 5 minutes haha. Oh well, but yesterday we had our 4th lesson with our investigator, who's name is Poasa and that was our last lesson and guess what! We converted him to baptism. We actually only taught him the first lesson in preach my gospel, all 4 times we've taught him but that's something important that I learned. And that is that you don't need to go through all 4 lessons in preach my gospel in order to commit someone to baptism. All you need to do is teach the first lesson which is the basic principles of the gospel and as long as they believe it and have gained their own testimony about it and the spirit prompts you to commit them to baptism, you go for it!!!

My companions are Sister Mauga who is from New Zealand and Sister Mataoa from Tahiti (I instantly though of Aunty Abby!) hahaha but they're awesome. They both love the gospel and are just awesome sisters. We get along really well and we work together really good when we teach our lessons. My district is awesome. There's only us three girls and then we have nine boys in our district. So we're all in the same class and it gets really crazy sometimes. One of the elders in my district is actually not going to Fiji but going to California, Fijian speaking which is crazy cool! They said he's like the first one to ever do that. Our district likes to sing hymns in Fijian all the time and sometimes that's all we do for language study because it helps with our pronounciation. My teachers are Brother Matheson, who's from Salt Lake but he's super cool and funny and makes learning Fijian really fun. He's a clown! My other teacher is Brother Myers and he actually only came back from Fiji in October and he was actually our first investigator. We didn't know that he was our teacher until after we taught him the first lesson. So he was able to give us a lot of feedback about how we were doing. But overall the language is going pretty good and I'm loving every bit of it. It pretty just sounds like your mumbling when you speak Fijian really fast haha. So we'll see what I sound like when I get back. Miss and love you all!
Sister Chong

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