Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fiji Week 2

how was trents farewell? i cant believe how fast time goes by and hes leaving already. i feel like it was yesterday, we were all just sitting on the couch before church waiting for him to open his call and all he did was read where he was going and skipped the whole first part lol. typical trent lol. but im trying to look at the videos but i dont know what's happening here, i cant see it because these fiji computers are all dakine haha. but i will keep trying. maybe next week ill be able to see them.
well i have been in fiji for 2 weeks now!! its weird because i feel like ive been here forever!! but at the same time i feel like i just got here. im use to the work, the schedule, and everything already. amazing how much the Lord blesses my life. i see it everyday, more than once and i cannot thank Him enough for all He does for me. as we walk through the street and even when we're in our flat at night it gets a little scary. our flat is like 5-7 min car ride from town which is where our elders staying and we our renting and there's a bunch of other homes and places people are renting around us and we dont know any of them. the land lord is nice but they're not members so they dont really fully understand why we're here in fiji. but they take care of us. its just scary with only 2 girls in the flat by ourselves but we're okay. i know the Lord is constantly watching over us and protecting us.
we had 13 lessons this week!! thats pretty good for my first week :) it was so much fun haha. and its truly a blessing to see all of these people's lives change. we have a busy week ahead of us and we are hoping to commit 3 of them to a baptism date but we'll see how the lessons go. one of them is a little 8 year old boy, Sandhire. we've been teaching him for a while because it takes him some time to really understand what we're teaching him. his parents aren't members but they're really supportive in his decision to be baptized and they even want to come!! our second one we want to commit is Meli. he's in his 20's and we've been teaching him for a couple months but we only started teaching his wife this past week. we're hoping to get him baptized and then worthy of the priesthood so he can baptize his wife. we only have to finish the last lesson and then he's ready for baptism. its just a little hard because he's comfortable with fijian rather than english so we take a member with us to help translate. but we try to say as much as we can in fijian and we're getting a lot of help from members. im trying to work really hard on my language. the third person is sis. vesi. her mother in law and husband are members and are in our branch. she's of a different faith so its hard to teach her because theres a lot of different and new things. but shes making a lot of improvement and is starting to pray about what we share. so hopefully we can get these 3 investigators to baptism so that they can continue to receive the blessings of the gospel.
many of our investigators are ready for baptism but there's a lot of problems with marriage. a lot of them dont have their legal marriage papers which means they cant get baptized yet because of the law of chastity and stuff so we're pushing a lot of them to get their papers done. thats all we're waiting for!! a lot of them are so ready for baptism but there's this one thing that's stopping them. we teach one sister name finau. shes so funny!! shes like my sister now and we just talk about everything. but when we go teach her there are two little kids. nana, their grandma is in our branch, who's finau's mother-in-law. anyway, everytime we go over, Ty, the little boy whos 6 will go and change into his sulu and white shirt and come and listen to our lessons. he's the cutest thing lol. and he knows how to make this lemon leaf juice all by himself so during the lesson he'll go and make it and he always yells at his nana, "where's the sugar!? where's the cup?" so funny and it's actually really good. the little girl, wendy, is 4 and she LOVES playing with my hair. she has really short hair because her nana cuts of but since the very first time a saw her in church she immediately started touching my hair. she'll come and sit on my lap and try to put my hair on her head so it looks like she has long hair. shes adorable! and their nana, sis. rakuita, is the sweetest lady. shes like my fijian grandma. she always gives me a huge hug and kiss and feeds us and just treats me and my companion as her grand children. love her!!
there's another girl in our branch, Joanna, and she's my age and she's preparing for her mission. so she comes with us to some lessons and she's so crack up! but we've grown so close and we go over to her house for language study and she just helps us with any sentences and just speaks to us in fijian. i think if i do that everyday then i will definitely get my fijian faster. she knows elder nawahine because he's serving from where she's originally from. she always tells me about what he use to do and all that stuff, doesn't surprise me, some of the stuff she tells me that he does lol. i cant wait to see him! but she's such a sweet girl and ill send you a picture of her. but she's also a good cook and she said she's gonna teach me how to cook fijian food :)
yesterday it rained all day!! it felt so good, except we had to walk in it all day lol. but it was still fun :) we were jumping in puddles and stuff with the kids. some kids were playing rugby in the mud and stuff, looked like they were having so much fun :)
the scripture for this week is john 3:16. i know we've all read this one a million times but really think about what it's saying. that God loved us, His children, soooo much that He gave His only Begotten son. He sent His son to die for US. die for OUR sins. all so that we can return back to Him and have everlasting life. how is great is the love our Heavenly Father has for us. in preach my gospel it says that the greatest love is God's love for us and that we should be working hard everyday to develop that same love. as a missionary, we need to view everyone with the same amount of love that God has for them. it's really hard let me tell you but i testify that when we do this we will begin to labor in their behalf and we will truly forget ourselves and want nothing less then eternal life for our brothers and sisters. 

well the work is amazing!! the people are amazing!! the food is amazing!! the language is amazing!! the branch is amazing!! and my companion is amazing!! the Lord is spoiling me lol. in every lesson i teach the spirit is so strong. before going into the lessons i always get worried about what im going to say and how i say it. but once i get in there its like i always know exactly what to say and  how to say because the spirit is guiding me. i witness miracles everyday in not only my life but other peoples lives as well. i have never been challenged so much before but at the same time i have never received so many blessings. my testimony grows everyday as i meet new people and listen to their testimonies, even my investigators!! i don't wish to be anywhere else but in labasa, fiji!! au misitaki kemudou!! au lomani kemudou sara ga!! 

loloma levu,
sista chong
ps...i still hate these little frogs and geckos and every little gross creature!! i still wait for my companion to open the door to our flat and i run inside as fast as i can lol.
 We found this coconut with the meat still in it on the side of the road so I picked it up,
took it home, cleaned it, and my companion taught me how to take the meat out with a knife!
 Our dryer lol
 Na noqu badge
 i still use volleyball on my mission :) we made an investigator game plan. 
the champs are our recent converts. tryouts-potential investigators. 
cuts-new investigators. teams...jv-progressing investigators 
vars-investigators with baptism dates.
au kei na noqu itokani
 Walk to town
Cute little boy

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