Monday, September 9, 2013

Last post from the MTC!


"If you keep the commandments he will bless you. It may not be the blessing you expected or wanted, but there will come a time when you will love God so much that you will trust Him with anything."
-Elder David F. Evans of the Seventy

So this week has gone by so fast and I can't believe I'm leaving the MTC already! I'm so excited to finally go to Fiji but nervous at the same time because I don't what to expect. My teachers have been bringing in pictures for us to see from their missions and I'm getting stoked. Although some of their pictures make me kind of nervous because one of my teachers said he ate BAT eeewww!! We'll see what will be the weirdest thing I eat there. Pray for me haha. Only 2 more days and I'm off to Fiji where the real work begins.

On Tuesday at my last devotional we had Elder Evans come and speak to us and it was amazing because what he said in his talk answered all the questions I had throughout the week. It testified to me that he truly was a man of God and speaks with the help of the Holy Ghost. He spoke about Jacob 5 and how the General Authority of the Church was talking about in their doctrine discussions. One thing that blew my mind was something said by Pres. Eyring. He was talking about how all the servants came to the master and asked for more time, while the last servant asked for more opportunities to serve. Pres. Eyring then went on saying that the last servant in Jacob 5 that asked for more opportunities to serve is Pres. Monson. He then related it to the announcement of the age change and said that that was Pres. Monson, a servant of the Lord, asked for more opportunities to serve. What a crazy revelation! It's so true how the words from the scriptures can relate so perfectly to our lives in these Latter-Days. 

Another thing I loved about his talk was when he told us, "Go into it." What that means is no matter what the weather is whether it be raining, sunny, snowing, etc. you go out and serve the Lord. Never stay inside your apartment because you're missing precious opportunities to find those who are ready to hear the gospel. We as missionaries always ask for the Lord to prepare someone to hear our message and to place them in front of us at some time throughout the day. But how can the Lord put someone in your path when you're not even out in the streets looking for them. When we go out every day and all day, it shows our dedication and love for our Father in Heaven. For 18 months I need to forget the word "I" and focus on the Lord, His restored gospel, and the people of Fiji.

Today in the temple something really hit me. When we go to the temple everyone looks at you and smiles at you because you're missionaries. Almost everyone says, "Thank you" and it really reminds you of how much members of the church love and appreciate the missionaries. It gives me motivation to want to serve harder! There was one specific experience today that made me think about why I'm serving a mission and who I'm serving for. There was this hispanic lady coming out of the dressing room while I was walking in. She was across the way a little and she saw us sister missionaries. She didn't approach us or anything but her face just lit up when she saw us. She mouthed the words "Thank you" and gave us a thumbs up with a huge smile on her face. When she did this it made me think who I was serving for, who I was representing. Not only was I serving and representing the Lord, my family, or myself, but I was serving and representing my home and my culture. I carry the people in my ward, my island, and my state on my shoulders as I represent the Lord and preach His gospel. What a blessing and amazing opportunity it is to represent Kauai in Fiji.

The scripture for this week is 1 Nephi 3:7 because it is really time to go and do!! Here it is in Fijian because you guys should've memorized it already lol.

"Ia ko i au ko Nifai au sa kaya vei tamaqu: Au na lako ka kitaka na ka sa vakarota na Turaga, ka ni'u kila ni sa dauvakarautaka na Turaga na sala me ra rawata kina na levu ni tamata na ka kece sa vakarota vei ira ko Koya."

I love this scripture no matter how many times I hear it and now as a missionary it has so much more meaning. To go and do is exactly what we as missionaries are doing no matter which part of the earth we're going to, we need to serve with all our heart, might, mind, and strength. It won't be easy but it will all be worth it. I know the Lord wouldn't make me do something that I couldn't handle or accomplish without the His hand helping me along the way. Au vakadinadinataka vei kemudou, na Kalou lomani keda kei koya vinakata keda ki tale mai Vua. Au kila na Kalou sa solia vei keda na Yalo Tabu e na vukei keda e na noda bula. Au lomani kemudou!!

something that was shared with me in an email was that Christ doesn't give us burdens or trials but our choices give us burdens and trials, and it is Christ and God that helps is through them. Genius!! I learn something new everyday and as a missionary it's these kinds of things that will help me help my investigators and keep the spirit with me at all times.

Well I love you guys and hopefully I'll hear from you soon! Next time I email I'll be in Fiji!!! I can't wait :) au lomani kemudou sara ga vakalevu!!

loloma levu,
Sista Chong

Sister Chong, Elder Cram (from K2), and their companions
Off to Fiji!!!

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