Sunday, September 29, 2013

Two Month Mark

okay oh my gosh so im like cracking up over here in the internet shop from your email lol. everyones looking at me. it seems like no matter where i go people stare at me haha. i must be that gorgeous jk!! but's funny because i feel every emotion with every story you tell me about the football game, kino waving at the girls, the volleyball game, and even as if i was sitting with you guys in church. Kino...all i have to say "ISA LEI!!" hahaha its like saying "auwe!!" lol. i always say that nowadays, im getting more and more fijian everyday. hearing about your girls makes me just want to come home and help you at practice. im so happy that dad is helping you with practice because the more a family does together, the stronger they become. i wish i was there to see sarah perform with her huge smile and shake those hips lol. one of my investigators here, finau, she wants me to teach her how to dance hula, she's so funny. so i might teach her sometime and tell her the song and she go practice lol. i had a feeling that laa would take my phone. im surprised you guys let him use it and for this long haha. you should just change the name in your phone from my name to his. lol. crazy kid! im so grateful to that couple for showing their love and support while im on my mission. everytime you tell me a story like that, im reminded of why im here and what im doing and that is to serve the Lord and help my brothers and sisters come unto Christ.
well well where to start about this week. i feel like the weeks are just flying by. i cant believe that ive hit my 2 month mark already. only 16 months more and i have so much work to do!! its kind of like i never want to end my mission, i dont want to stop until i know that every single person in my area has heard about the gospel and had that option to be baptized or not. there's not enough time to get all this work done!! just a head up...dont get mad if i extend :) hopefully they'll let me but idk because there's so many missionaries nowadays. but we'll see. 
well i had my first commitment to a baptism date!!!!!! the investigators name is Meli and he's in his 20's and he's awesome!! he doesn't look like he would be a type of guy that would want to learn about religion and come closer to God but he is truly amazing! we just started teaching his wife, Lucy, and she's so interested in the gospel. our first lesson with her we started off by asking her if she had any thoughts or anything she wanted to share about the pamphlet about the restoration we gave her and she paused and started to cry. at first i was like oh my gosh what happened! but she went on saying that just by reading the pamphlet she knew that this the path she needed to take. she knew that the words she read was true already and we didn't even start teaching her yet. she also said that she truly knows that our Heavenly Father wants to give us blessings and all we have to do is be worthy of them and ask. they are having a baby and she said that she was so grateful to be having a family because she's been asking and praying that they could have a baby and now that she's pregnant no words can describe how grateful she is. she strengthened my testimony so much!! she reminded me of how much our Heavenly Father truly loves us. Yeah, i say it all the time in my lessons and my testimonies but seeing it in action and seeing how that love can effect someone's life is such a blessing. i think that she'll be right behind her husband and be baptized soon. 
but after extending the commitment of baptism i can just see how hard Satan tries to keep someone from baptism. there's this whole story/drama thing that we need to clear up before Meli gets baptized. i feel like a counselor. i know it's just Satan trying to make us quit and just give up on the idea of him becoming a member of this church but i will never give up on any child of God. im determined to get through this and overcome this trial and help Meli overcome this trial that is placed in front of him before such a big step in his life, baptism. he is ready for baptism and its our job to do all we can until he is in the waters of baptism.
well i found my fijian mom!! lol she's a member in our branch and is a part of the relief society presidency. her name is sis. nawaqovolau. and she is the sweetest and funniest woman (well besides you ofcouse) lol. she fed us like 3 times last week and im learning from her how to cook all of the different foods. so when i come home ill be able to make all these different foods for you guys and you'll eat it all! it's ono!! they just eat a lot of fish and curry and lolo (coconut milk). but she is so strong in the gospel. her son is asaeli and he's 24 and he's preparing to serve his mission. he's like my brother and he teaches me fijian but sometimes i dont trust him because he always lies to me and tells me something totally different and when i say it he just laughs and teases me. ugghhzz lol but its fun. but i hope he gets called to hawaii so you guys can find him and meet him and feed him and love him the way his family feeds and loves me. 
funny story of the me and my companion went to the chapel, not knowing that there was some type of training and so they food. (lucky us!!) lol but we went and the members told us to come eat. so we sat down and we ate some fish, kasava, some leafy thing in coconut milk. of the brothers asked me if i ate lolo. so me thinking that lolo means the same thing in fijian and hawaiian, i thought if he was asking me if i ate brain. and i was like "um no. some people at home eat it but i dont" and he looked at me in a weird way and was like aw too bad. well me and my companion were talking in our flat one night and she was saying how to cook something and she said lolo. i was like oh my gosh these people eat lolo a lot yeah. and then i was like wait, what's lolo in fijian? and she told me it means COCONUT MILK!! i was like oh my gosh!! i do eat coconut milk, no wonder that brother in the branch looked at me weird when i was eating the coconut milk on my plate but when he asked i said no. isa!! lol so i felt really dumb after that i just laughed and was like whatever now i know hahaha.
i ate my first kind of funky thing. it tasted okay. it wasn't my favorite but it wasn't like gross. i ate some chicken liver curry. at first i was like oh chicken curry yum! and then i ate it and it had weird after taste and i was like, this is not regular chicken. and then one of the sons was like sister chong you like the chicken liver? i was like oohh eemm that's why it tasted different. but i just smiled and said yeah its really good and i finished my plate but didnt go for seconds. lol. when you eat here they keep telling you to eat more and more but when you say, "au sa mamau" which means "im full" they'll be like oh okay good. so i said that after my first plate lol. but it was an experience.
we have a busy week planned ahead of us. about 20-25 lessons and hopefully we get to all of them. but we'll see. a lot of our investigators our so close to baptism but there's something keeping them from it and we're trying to find out what it is. one of my investigators is of a different faith and she asks us so much questions and so we always have to tell her okay we're going to go home and study and we'll come back with your answer. i have never studied to hard in my life and learned so much in one week. but i would not be able to find this answers without the Lord's help because He's the one who guides me as i study. 
the scripture this week is 2 Nephi 31. this whole week our focus has been baptism with most of our investigators. so it's a good scripture to read to remind us of why we were baptized. i love the verse that says that Christ was baptized and He was already perfect, so what does that say about us? if Christ was perfect and was baptized we as sinners need to definitely be baptized! i love that! 

well mama au lomani iko sara ga!! au via wasea na noqu ivakadinadina. au kila ni dina na kosipeli oqo, na kosipeli i Jisu Karisito. au kila, ena Josefa Smici, na Kalou vakalesuya mai na nona kosipeli. au vakadinadinataka vei iko kevaka keda vinakata e dua na kua e dodonu keda e masu ga. na masu e dau solisoli mai na Kalou ki vukei keda. na Kalou via rogoca na ka kece mai na noda bula. au kila na tawamudu na matavuvale. au vakavinavinakataka ena ituvatuva ni Kalou. Keda rawa ni lesu tale ki na Kalou kei na noda matavuvale kevaka keda maroroya na ivakavuvuli ni na kosipeli oqo. au wasea na ka qo e na yaca i Jisu Karisito, emeni.

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