Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bula Sia!!

bula sia!!
so we haven't had the chance to watch conference yet. we're going to watch it this week at our chapel in labasa because it's one of the main ones. hopefully the power is on though because so far almost every week there's no power. so we're praying that there will be power. i never had to worry about there being power in the chapel. being here has really made me count my blessings and be truly grateful of everything that i have, everything that we have back at home. 
I can assure you that the members here take care of me :) usually it's the same people, same families, but i am gaining the trust of other members. one member at a time. it's really hard because my companion and her companion before me didn't really make an effort to make a connection with the members. they didn't really try and gain their trust. everytime i say we're suppose to do something she says, "oh we never did that." Isa! so we're doing things a lot different then what she's used to but it doesn't matter because it's what we're suppose to be doing. sometimes i feel bad because it's like im the trainer because i keep telling her what to do lol. oh well, i didn't come on my mission to vacation, i could've done that at home. i'm here to work and work hard! if i don't come home exhausted every night, i didn't work hard enough. but the members i starting to get comfortable because we went to dinner at my fijian mom's house and her son, asaeli was walking us home and he knows i dont like frogs so when we were walking he grabbed my heel and was like "watch the frog sista chong!" ughhzz i almost kicked him in the face lol. so i think they're getting comfortable with me.
but it sounds like everything is going well at home. i always picture everything that's going on and the kids faces. this sunday was the first time i got home sick. it was fast and testimony meeting and so many little kids and youth went up to bare their testimonies and when they went back to sit with their families they would get high fives and hugs from the moms. and it just made me miss you guys and miss sitting with my family in church. we never really realize and are aware that missionaries dont get to sit with their families while the rest of us do. so i want to ask you to invite the elders to sit with our family. it just feels good to sit with a family and not just with your companion. atleast offer, it depends on the missionary. 
well this week we had 16 lessons, 3 baptism date commitments, 1 new investigator, and infinite love! my love for my investigators and for the people of fiji grows every week. now when i go into lessons i dont look at them as another number added to my baptisms but i genuinely care for them and want them to return back to our heavenly father. its amazing how fast your mind set changes the more you teach others about the gospel. our 3 baptism dates are set for october 26. hopefully everything will work out and they'll be able to overcome all the temptations and trials Satan will give them to try and keep them from getting baptized. i already see Satan working hard on one of them. but i always make sure he knows that we are here to help him and support him with whatever he needs. 2 of the investigators that are getting baptized are actually a husband and wife. the husband has been taking lesson for about 4-5 months now and we just started teaching the wife when i got here, and they're both preparing for baptism on oct. 26. it's such an amazing feeling to hear someone say yes to baptism. it makes you feel like you've done you're job and have helped them enter into the kingdom of God. and now it's up to them to continue and endure to the end. this couple will be my first baptism and i told them that in a year they'll be able to enter the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity. i told them to set a goal to be sealed before i leave. so they have 16 months. they can do it!! what a blessing it would be to see my first baptism go through the temple.
something me and my companion are focusing on doing this week is contacting our former investigators. former investigators are those that previous companionships have taught but they didn't get baptized or they decided to stop taking lessons. so in our area book we have about 10-15 and they haven't been contacted for a year. so we're hoping that they are ready to hear the gospel now. so far everyone we've been able to get in contact with has agreed to meet with us this week. so im excited to see if these people are ready now!
today we're going to a beach!! and it's the first ill go to a beach since ive been in fiji. it's called korovatu and we're going because it's the senior couple's last week here. really sad...sister leishman went to suva because her back was really bothering her and after the doctor said that she would need a surgery. so they are going back home this week and they just got here with me a month ago!! they're awesome and have helped us so much with our missionary work. so we're sad to see them leave but we don't want sis. leishman's back to get worst. 
okay so my story of the week. actually since i got here. so i hooked my oils on my backpack just in case i ever need them, i have them. well, one of the kids was sick so i gave him a on-guard bead and then the next time i saw his parents they said that he was a lot better. and then on monday we were playing volleyball and one of the boys sprained his ankle so i put a little bit of the deep blue and then when i saw him yesterday he was like "look i can walk!" haha so funny, so now they all think im like a doctor with these special oils lol. so i would appreciate it if you could send me more. ill tell you which ones i need more of later. but yeah not everyone asks me to cure them and some call me a doctor hahahha isa! no can!!
also i am use to people calling me fat now. here, fat isn't offensive i guess lol. go figure!! so i needed to get over it and just when they say fat, it's like just a normal thing to say. so now im just like okay whatever, yup im fat, but im still pretty it still hits a nerve but not as much as before.

okay so there are some things i would love for you to send :)
-leis (for my baptisms) like shell leis from hilo hatties lol
-oils: breathe, lemon, lavendar (im healing fiji over here)
-snacks: li hing powder, kakimochi
-i would some old navy v-necks because that's all i wear
vinaka vaka levu! its funny to see kaytie's pictures because we dress so differently!! i literally just throw on a skirt and a v-neck. and she's like so fashionable with boots and coats and scarves, and she's freezing lol and im so hot over here!!
but i love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! give the kids huge hugs and kisses for me!!!! 
loloma levu,
sista chong

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  1. Hi Keapo! It seems like you're enjoying Fiji. I'm so so proud of you. You're blog has really inspired me to start going to church again or reading the bible before bed. Idk if you can call or text since you're out of the country but email me at I would love to catch up and get some guidance from you. Also, send me your address over there so I can send some goodies from California. I love & miss you. Be safe & have fun.