Monday, October 21, 2013

Rough Week for Sista Chong and the Cows!

bula mama!!
first of all...i love all the pictures you sent me of sarah!! she looks so happy and her face is just glowing in all her pictures. i wish i was there to watch but im sure there'll be many more to come. i didnt get to watch the videos yet because i dont have ear phones and we dont want all of labasa hearing the video lol. 
but the work here is going. we had a pretty rough week last week. we need new investigators but haven't had any luck in finding anyone. all the people we talk to on the street usually dont call us after that and just fall through. we also have had a lot of fall through appointments with our investigators. it's so hard because you can't force someone to sit down and listen to what you have to say. so im starting to get really frustrated and ive never prayed so hard in my life. each time i get on my knees, whether it be alone or with my companion, i pour my heart out asking Heavenly Father to help us find some new investigators and to help me recognize who He has prepared for me. we are trying to get the members involved with helping us find some new investigators because that's the best way to get investigators, is through members. yesterday in church, we went to each class...relief society, priesthood, young women, and young men and gave them some pamphlets and encouraged them all to give it someone this week. so hopefully we'll get some new investigators from that. but for me, the first person im focusing on strengthening is the branch president. im trying to get him more involved with missionary work! he doesn't even know our names and the names of our investigators. so im going to become his best friend :) 
this past saturday the elders had a baptism. so we brought meli and lucy to come and see what a baptism is like. we went and picked them up about 10 minutes before the service started and they were excited to come and watch what a baptism was like. im sure that they felt the spirit and really enjoyed it. in fact, they asked us if they could do their baptism interviews right after the baptism instead of that night. so we did it and they both did amazing! so im for sure having my first baptism on october 26!!! but when i first started my mission i just had a mind set of "hurry up and get baptized so i can be the first in my intake with a baptism!" but now that's it's actually happening i dont feel that way anymore. now i am so happy that meli and lucy are getting baptized together as a family and that in exactly a year they'll be able to go to the temple and be sealed for time and all eternity. also lucy is having a baby in march so it will be even more special to them to be sealed as a family with their baby. im giving them until the end of my mission, which is 15 months, to get into the temple.
me and my companion started doing something new this week. we have agreed that music creates such a powerful spirit in our lessons. so this week we started to, at the end of every lesson we sing a hymn or primary song that relates to what we taught. and i can feel the difference in our lessons. just yesterday we went to go see one of our investigators whos husband is a less-active. at the end of our lesson i asked him what his favorite primary song was when he was a little kid. he said "army of helaman." so we sang that song together with him and he still remembered the tune and i could just feel the spirit working on him and softening his heart. his mom, who is an active member, came to see who was singing and when she saw her son singing primary songs with us, she had the biggest smile on her face. he even asked if we could sing one more. so we must have sang about 3 or 4 songs last night at the end of the lesson. and after that we bore our testimonies and he even bore his own. it was the first time that his wife has ever heard him bare his testimony. it was simple but powerful. so i have such a strong testimony about music. music brings the spirit! that's my advice this week. if you ever are sitting in a visiting teaching lesson or anything and you feel that the spirit is not there, song a hymn! besides the spirit and your testimony, music is a next most powerful tool.
okay now story at this time of year in fiji there is an indian holiday called diwali and it looks like christmas. they put up lights and decorations all around town and the indian families make their indian sweets and give them to neighbors, so it really does feel like christmas. well, along with all these festivities, something that the muslim religion does is they kill their cows. yes, it sounds weird but seriously, at this time of year they all kill their cows that they've been raising or whatever. i dont know the exact details but all i know is that since all the muslims are killing their cows, everyone is selling it in the market. and in fiji it's a treat to have beef for dinner because usually we just have chicken or fish. whenever we go over for dinner, the families make the best dishes and always more than 1 dish because if there's only 1 it's really embarrassing and this week we had dinner about every night, which is very rare and we were so excited....until i found out that this was the week that most muslims were killing their cows. so guess what i had for dinner almost every night.....COW!!! every time i came home from the dinner appointment my stomach was just sick. i went from not eating beef for about 4 years, to eating it every single night for a whole week. OH MY GOSH I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE!!! so im hoping that this week there's no cows left to kill. im praying for it lol!!
but it sounds like everything is still going well at home. how's tutu and puna?? what's their emails?? vinaka!! oh also i got a package from aunty lori with a plan of salvation diagram thing in fijian, she's so sweet!! im going to email her but she sent it first class and it only took about 2 weeks. 
loloma levu,
sista chong

Sulu Jaba! I'm officially a Fijian!!

Labasa Branch Relief Society
Sister Singh, me, Sister Nawaqavolau (my Fijian mom)

Peaceful Fijian Keiki. LOL!!

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