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  bula mama!!!

THIS WEEK WAS WANANAVU!!!! look it up ;) hahaha!! ill go day by day to show you how wananavu it was :)
so on p-day this week we did the usual. we cleaned our flat, emailed, and then we headed to the chapel to play volleyball. well while playing volleyball me and my companion were making a cake because it was meli's (our investigator that just got baptized) birthday. so we thought it would be very special if we made him a birthday cake and then sing to him after we were finished playing volleyball. so we went and bought a white cake mix, some chocolate frosting, and then we went to the market and bought some coconuts to scrape for the top. it's really amazing how much coconuts i buy haha. it's like whenever in doubt, just use a coconut lol. anyway, so we went to the chapel and baked it because our flat doesn't have a oven so we cooked it there. it was an awesome looking cake and it tasted even better!! everyone was asking how i made it and i told them it's a secret family recipe haha! but i told them just buy the mix at the store. but meli's face lit up when we lit the candles and brought it out while they were coming in after volleyball. it was as if he has never had a birthday cake and he's 30 years old! so he was so grateful and loved it so much :)

the sister trainers came to labasa on tuesday afternoon. the sister trainers position was just created since there has been an increase of sisters serving their missions. so what they do is just make sure that all the sister missionaries are doing okay and doing what they're suppose to be doing. so every 6 weeks or so they come on splits with each sister. so this week it was our turn. i got to go with sis. fanene from america samoa, and sis. ongesel went with sis. tugaga from new zealand. i was really nervous to go with sis. fanene because my companion was telling me that she is very straight forward and just talks to everyone and shares the gospel. she finishes her mission in this coming january, so she is very experienced. im still getting used to mission life and im still getting comfortable walking up to random people and sharing with them about the gospel. 
Sister Trainers

so i went with sis. fanene for the day and we had 3 lessons. the first lesson was with sis. vesi and we talked more about the book of mormon because she hasn't been reading it, therefore she doesn't believe that joseph smith was a prophet. so we talked about the bom and then sis. vesi shared with us that she doesn't get that warm feeling inside when she prays to know if what we're saying is true. we then asked her how she prays and she said that in her church (bahai) they read from a prayer book. sis. fanene then told her straight up that she's not getting an answer because she's praying wrong. i was like whoa! that was very straight up! haha but you know what it was true, and so for the first time sis. vesi agreed to try and pray the way we taught her to, to Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ. so im excited to see her again and see if she tried praying the right way. we then had a lesson with 2 recent converts, 2 little boys who's family has gone inactive. so we taught them about obedience and coming to church. we then met lucy and meli and she loved them and wished she could stay for their baptism. we reminded them of the 3 promises we make when we are baptized. after we did the lesson i asked them if they had any questions about their baptism or anything and all meli said was, "I'm ready!" i was so happy to hear that and i knew they were both ready. but throughout the whole day we talked to almost every single person we saw on the street or in homes. she showed me how first and then she made me try. i was freaking out! but then i realized that it wasn't hard at all. people want to hear the gospel and Heavenly Father has provided those people for me. so she taught me so much and she encouraged me to start reading my bom from the beginning again and so that's what i've done this week.

what was so special about wednesday was me and my companion went and knocked on doors for the first time. we don't usually knock on doors because we're both pretty hesitant when it comes to talking to strangers. but we went to this one apartment complex kind of thing and we knocked on a door. the lady let us in and we just shared with her what we do, who we were, and talked to her a little bit about what we believe in our church. what was amazing was that i dont know how but almost everything i said was in fijian! i was like whoa where'd this come from? my companion started talking first and she spoke in english but when it was my turn and i suddenly started speaking fijian, her whole attitude changed. she suddenly became interested and she asked if i knew fijian and i just told her im still learning. she said that she really appreciated that im learning the language and she so much open to us after that. this really built my testimony of speaking the language!! ive noticed that when i try to speak fijian they really open up to you and want to help you with your fijian! so im motivated!

Sister Sagar (investigator)


thursday was a normal day lol. the only thing is i almost got hit by a car. im still getting used to the cars driving on the left side of the road compared to the right side. so when i cross the street, which is a lot i always have to remember which way to look. well, i looked the wrong and i was like okay sis. ons it's clear, i step onto the road and i just hear a loud horn, there was a taxi coming flying down the road. so i jumped back on the curb and everyone was like laughing and was like sista where you from? so shame!! hahaha so now i look both ways like 3 times before i cross the road. 

friday night we had our first branch activity. we as missionaries planned a movie night for the branch members. me and my companion spent pretty much the whole day making popcorn. i have never popped so much popcorn in my life and you know it was the first time that i never wanted to eat another piece of popcorn ever again either lol. amazing aye!? but we watched "prince of egypt" and they loved it! we actually had a really good turn out and some brought friends which is really good. so our activity was a success! the popcorn and juice was a treat to them because they don't really buy stuff like that because they don't have enough money. so i was so happy to see their faces when we told them there was popcorn and drinks. they were so grateful.

BAPTISM DAY!! i couldn't sleep the night before because i was so excited for the baptism. i was so happy and excited to see meli and lucy make that first step into the kingdom of our heavenly father. well, the baptism was at 1pm and everything went smoothly and according to plan. even our branch president came to our baptism, a miracle! the baptism was such a humbling experience and the spirit was overpowering. while, we were helping lucy change i asked her how she felt and she said that she felt so clean and she felt good. i was so happy! after we went back in the chapel and meli, lucy, me and sis. ons sang "if the savior stood beside me." we had sang this song in a lesson to them and they loved it so much they wanted us to sing it with them at their baptism. it was special! then they shared their testimonies. their testimonies sounded as if they had been members for years already. they have such powerful testimonies of this gospel already and they can only improve and grow. when lucy bore her testimony she started to cry before she said anything. the spirit was so overwhelming and she couldn't express how happy she was to be baptized. they both looked directly into our eyes and thanked us for finding them and teaching them about this true gospel. it was at that moment that i knew the reason im on my mission. to see how much the gospel can effect someone's life. to see the joy and happiness the gospel can bring to their lives. i wouldn't want to be anywhere else. it was a perfect day!

Meli and Luci before baptism

After Baptism
Everyone at the baptism


okay well to start off sunday we were late for church. not because we were just running late but because no one told us they have day light savings here! the elders called and were like sisters you're late for church, i was like no we're not it's 830. well come to find out it was actually 930 because it's day light savings now. so we got to church and everyone was laughing at us lol. now we're sister day light savings, great! haha. but me and sis. ons had to teach the primary their primary songs for their primary presentation. i dont know how in the world we got put in charge but i dont mind because i love primary. anything i can do to help. as a missionary we dont only help investigators but also the members :) then, in sacrament, meli and lucy received the gift of the holy ghost and i just had a feeling of peace and a surety that they will be okay. as a missionary you constantly have this fear if your investigators are ready for baptism and confirmation or not. but at that moment that they both received the holy ghost, i knew they would be okay and they will be strong in this gospel. the next step is the temple. last night, we went to visit them just to see how they feel about baptism and the confirmation. after that, we told them that the next step as a family was the temple. i gave them the challenge to make it to the temple before i finish my mission, which gives them about 15 months. they graciously accepted the challenge and i can't wait to see them go through the temple and be sealed forever. 
did you guess what wananavu is yet?? AWESOME!! haha. this week was a good week and it's because i had the right attitude and i had the spirit with me throughout the whole week. without the spirit, nothing can happen. 
i loved hearing about you and laa's day together. one on one time is very special and that's one of the things i miss! but au lomani kemudou sara ga!!
loloma levu,
sista chong 

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