Friday, November 15, 2013

Finally Teaching in Fijian

bula mama!
me and my companion were cracking up at all the wedding pictures. but honestly i didnt expect anything different then what i saw lol. the three boys look so cute! my companion was cracking up at their mustaches and bow ties, cutest!  i wish i could've been there. no one printed a poster of me and carried me around!? how rude! hahaha!
here in fiji it was hot like crazy! i swear im getting like 10 shades darker everyday lol nah just joking, i wish. but its been really hot recently and the sun here in labasa is like penetrating my skin. we walk around with umbrellas not just when it's raining, but also when the sun is so hot, cannot handle. we always feel like the jehovah's witness people, but we gotta do what we gotta do.
well something exciting happened this week, actually just yesterday. I TAUGHT MY FIRST LESSON IN FIJIAN! pretty much the whole lesson was in fijian! and let me tell you, i struggled hard, but at the same time i knew enough to get my message across. i felt bad for my investigator because i probably made no sense at all at some points, but she was so nice and tried really hard to understand me lol. we also had a member present with us so wherever i got stuck she would help me or continue what i was trying to say. we taught the plan of salvation. it was so difficult because not only was almost every concept in the plan of salvation new to our investigator, Arieta, but she had to try and understand it with my broken fijian. i was just so grateful that we had our member there because she really helped Arieta to understand what we were trying to say. when we got to the judgement part in the plan of salvation, she told us, "i know im a sinner, so what happens to me? can even i repent of all the bad things i did? or is it too late?" we shared with her the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants that says that when we repent with the fulness of heart, the Lord remembers them not. she started to cry when she heard this because it was a new sense of hope. i told her that she was already on the road of repentance and she was already drawing closer to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. we told her that our Father in Heaven was already happy and rejoicing that she is choosing to change her life and come closer to Him. i reminded her how much our Heavenly Father loves her and wants her to return back and live with Him. i then committed her to baptism and she accepted. she said that she can't wait to be baptized and be reborn. the spirit was so strong in that lesson, even though it was in fijian and i didn't know how to say everything, i knew the spirit was testifying to her of the truth. now i am have a lot more confidence to teach in fijian and i think me and my companion are going to try and teach in fijian more often.
another good thing happened this week...MY COMPANION ISN'T GETTING TRANSFERRED! well atleast not this week. we found out that something happened with the new intakes travel plans. they were suppose to arrive today but something happened so they won't be coming to fiji for another week or so and that's when there will be a big transfer so we'll see if my mom (companion) stays. but when the intake comes i wont be the new missionary anymore! yaaayyy! so now i won't feel like the little, unexperienced missionary anymore. lol
this sunday we had our primary presentation. and it was a success! me and my companion pretty much wrote the program and taught the kids the songs. so we played a big part in getting all the stuff together and we ran the rehearsal the saturday before the presentation. let me just say now, i never want to be a primary president! hahaha! and now that i just said that, im gonna called there. isa! but me and my companion fasted that morning just praying that the program would be successful and everything would be okay. when we went to church we practiced and from the practice i was so unsure and uneasy about the program. but once sacrament meeting started i just knew it would be okay. i was the one that sat on the side of the pulpit in case the kids forgot their lines and they did an awesome job! even all the little ones did their talks and weren't scared. they're singing was so beautiful and touching to many in the congregation. i think it was one of the first primary presentations that they had in the branch and everyone said it was beautiful. when they sang "i am a child of God" at the end, the 2nd counselor in our branch presidency was sobbing. the song touched him so much! after sacrament was done, so many people came up to us and said they really enjoyed the program and to keep up the good work. i thanked my Heavenly Father for helping us get through this and thanked Him for the spirit that was present during the presentation.
there's one sister in our branch who me and my companion have been spending a lot of time with this week. one because she's the primary president so we were helping her a lot, second because she is going through a hard time. so we've been just going over and visiting, taking her out to our lessons, doing service for her, and just trying to give her that extra support. we have grown so close to her and she's amazing! she's so strong in the gospel even though she's been through so much. i can't imagine all the things that she's been through in her life, she deserves so much better, but she continues to have such strong faith and trust in the Lord. she builds my testimony every time we meet with her. she also has a son on his mission in the Philippines and she's borrowing a friends laptop during Christmas week so she can skype him and she offered for us to borrow it too! so i think we might get to skype on Christmas and not just talk on the phone. yaaayyy!! im so excited! but just thought i'd let you know, only one more month :)
well, the work is still amazing! very difficult but the blessings that come from it are indescribable! au lomani kemudou sara ga!
loloma levu,
sista chong

oh my gosh i forgot something to include in the blog letter. I DRANK FRESH COW MILK!  like straight from the utter kine!! and i was looking at the cow the whole time i was drinking it. it was actually okay and tasted pretty good when you put sugar in it. the only thing was that there was like chunks in it and that's when i almost threw up but i didn't. and i drank it all! and i was like yes i did it! then the lady refilled my glass. i almost cried. i prayed and asked heavenly father to give me the strength to drink this second glass and He did. i held my cup the rest of the lesson so she wouldn't refill it. hahahaha!

Young Men from the branch

Chong in the House!!!

excerpt from Keapo's letter from her first week in Fiji about the frogs:

so every night when we come home to our flat there are all these frogs on the grass. they're maybe like the size of golf balls or so but they're gross and there's choke!! i like scream and run through the grass. they like jump and touch my legs and my companion just laughs at me and tells me, "just kick um!" yeah no im not kicking no frogs!! im just gonna run and hope they dont touch me. sometimes i step on them and it makes the grossest sound. so my companion said we're going to try and come home before its dark so i dont have to deal with frogs, eeewwwwww!!!! i swear im going to die!!! but i guess ill get use to it and start kicking frogs like nothing. we'll see. gross!!!

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