Monday, November 25, 2013

It's time to...DO WORK YO!!

bula mama!

okay okay first things first......I SAW IKAIA!!! but it was so funny because we awkwardly shook hands and ill tell you i was soooo tempted to hug him, but i didn't! dont worry :) but we had our meeting and then after at lunch we were just talking about BYU days and all that stuff and it was just so good to catch up. he's getting so skinny!! but we were talking like the whole lunch and at one point while we were talking and suddenly everything just got really quiet. we look up and everyone else was staring at us, so we stopped talking and one of the elders was like, oh no please continue your story we want to hear too! they were listening to our conversation for about 5 minutes and we didn't notice, how embarrassing! lol. but we'll take a picture this week at zone conference, dont worry. 

Thank you for that scripture. I've been having a little rough time loving our investigators that don't keep commitments, so i needed to be reminded that i need to love them no matter what. if i dont love them, then they're not gonna care at all about what i say and what i ask them to do. ive noticed the difference in my lessons. when i truly and genuinely love them, i can hear the spirit clearly and im able to say what needs to be said. while if i go into the lesson just irritated because they didnt come to church on sunday, the spirit is not there at all. i literally feel like a sells girl, trying to share the gospel. no one likes to listen to someone who talks about how their church is better, that's not what we do. we just share about the restoration of this true gospel and help them understand and learn about the fulness of the gospel, instead of just a little piece of the big puzzle.

well...this week was better then last week. each week gets better and better. ive been really praying and asking why i dont seem as motivated and excited about the work anymore. i found myself just going through the motions. it's just like volleyball. if you just go through the motions, no one will get anything out of what you're doing. so ive been just taking some time to ponder and think about what i need to do to get back that excitement and drive. i've been on my mission for about 4 months now and i am just getting so use to the missionary life. recently ive been thinking, all we do is eat, sleep, and find new people to teach the gospel. but that's not what this work is! it's so much more than that! missionary work is helping to strengthen the Lord's church and to find His lost children so that we may ALL return to our Father in Heaven. in my journal i recommitted myself to the work. i really thought about why im here, what am i doing, how am i going to improve? im here because i love this gospel with all my heart and it would be selfish of me to not share it with all of God's children, so that we can all return back to Him. what am i doing...i am building the Heavenly Father's kingdom here on earth. how lucky am i to have the trust of my Father in Heaven to teach His children here in Fiji. it's a responsibility that i shouldn't take lightly because i only have 18 months to do it. and im going to improve by "forgetting myself and going to work." immerse myself in this beautiful work. that includes loving ALL those i meet and because i love them so much, learning their language, so that they can hear the fullness of the true gospel in their own tongue. so it's time to...DO WORK YO!!

this week we've really been focusing on strengthening the members. we've been visiting a lot of less actives. many of them that have been less active for a really long time. we actually found two less active families that no one knew where they lived. come to find out...we walk pass their homes like all the time AND they live right next to each other. go figure! so me and sis. ons and 2 sisters from the branch came with us and we visited those 2 families. one of the father's of the home was even a branch president and his wife and mother are actually not members yet, so we're hoping to get some investigators from that visit. the second family, there is 2 sisters that are baptized out of the like 15 people that live in that one house. but they only got baptized about 2 years ago so they still have so much to learn. so we'll be visiting them a lot. none of them came to church yesterday but it doesn't mean that we are giving up. we will visit them every week until they come to church again. along those lines....i want to invite you all to go and visit the less actives! especially the ones that have just fallen away. usually those who recently fell away still a strong testimony, just maybe something happened that you could help with. but also visit the older less actives. something we do here is every saturday night we meet and go on splits with the auxiliary leaders and go and visit different less active members. it's been really successful and most of the families we visit come to church the next day. so that's something you can ask uncle kahele about. it's really helped us to strengthen our branch.

on friday lucy taught me how to make polusami which is like the samoan palusami. the roro (lu'au leaf) with corn beef wrapped in it, cooked in lolo (coconut milk). and guess what...i squeezed the coconut milk. so we're never buying coconut milk again when i come home. we just get some coconuts, scrape it, and i squeeze it and make the coconut milk for you. fresh :)

this week i have also been trying to speak as much fijian as i can. last night in our lesson we taught the plan of salvation and i tried my best to speak fijian. so i pretty much ended up teaching most of the lesson because my companion is not as confident in fijian. but i tried my best, even though at some points i needed to speak english because i couldn't think of how to say it in fijian. but at the end of the lesson we sang "i am a child of God' with our 2 recent converts Meli and Lucy, and our investigator Arieta. she loved the song! then we prayed and after we prayed i told Arieta that i was so sorry for my fijian because im still learning and trying. her face was like so surprised. she told me that she thought that i was already fluent in fijian. i was like whoa! thank you! but i told her i am far from being fluent and i still have so much to learn! but i appreciated that compliment because it just helped me to know that im making progress in my language, one step at a time.

funny thursday night there was a huge thunderstorm! me and sis. ons were sleeping until suddenly..."BOOM!!" a huge thunder shook our house. and the way they build their flats here is like on log stick things. which i never trusted in the first place. so when this huge thunder hit, first of all, im scared of thunderstorms, and second of all, all i was thinking was our flat is just going to fall off those sticks and we're going to like die! i was freaking out! and then as im lying in bed with my blanket over my head covering my ears, i feel something crawling up my arm. A BIG COCKROACH!!! oh my gosh!! i started to cry because i flicked it off my arm and then it started to crawl up my leg and i just jumped out of bed and jumped up and down screaming and shaking my hair out and i had no idea where it went. my companion was just laughing at me! after standing up for about 10 minutes i lied down again and covered my body fully with the blanket and finally fell asleep. it was the worse night of my life!!

well au lomani kemudou sara ga! kalougata tiko!!

loloma levu,
sista chong

Lovin' my Fijian Food!!

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