Monday, December 9, 2013

A New Companion!

bula re na noqu matavuvale,

vacava tiko kemudou? au misitaki kemuni kece sara ga. sa dredre kei set sara ga na cakacaka ike. na macawa sa oti, au kei na noqu itokani taubale valevu ka sikovi na eso tamata. keirau kunea tiko ena ivakatataro vou. au ciqoma e dua itokani vou na yacana, sis. pyne mai salt lake city, utah. koya sa wananavu!! au vola na email oqo ena vosavavalagi.

well this week we had a amazing week! it was the best week we've had so far! but at the same time it was the saddest week because there was transfers and my companion got transferred. in the mission your trainer is your mom so my mission mom got transferred :( it was such a sad day yesterday, her last sunday here in labasa. so many members were crying and you could just see how much they love her. we went to see most of our investigators and all them promised her they would get baptized so we'll see how that goes. but hopefully they keep their promises. so my new companion is sis. pyne from salt lake city, utah and she has been out for about 8 months now. she's pretty awesome so we'll see what happens.

this week we just knocked on doors. we've been looking for new investigators recently but we've just been scared to go knock on doors and talk to strangers but this week i told my companion, "let's forget ourselves and our fears, and just do it!" and she agreed so we went and we knocked on doors and you know wasn't even bad! i have no problem knocking on doors now and talking to strangers on the street. i think of like this...when we're home we can't just go knocking on people's doors to share a message because people will think you're just weird. but when you're a missionary and you have a badge, people know what you're there for and they know what you do. so it's not weird. so im going to take advantage of wearing this tag!! lol. it was awesome. there was one experience where we went and knocked on this one door because the member that was with us said that she had a prompting to go to that door. so we went and there was a fijian lady there. she told us that right before she got there someone knocked on her door but no one came in and then a couple seconds after we came and knocked on her door. it was like the spirit had prepared her for us. it was really cool because she was so open to what we have to teach and we'll see how it goes.

we also had mission tour this week where we had elder pearson of the seventy come and speak to us. it was intense! he gave us so much information and i pretty much felt like i was getting a big fat slap in the face. there's so many things that i need to change in my work and he told me how to change it. one thing that he told us that stuck with me is that the way we see ourselves will determine what we do. he said when people say that they're shy and can't talk to strangers it's not because Heavenly Father made them that way, but it's because they think of themselves as shy and that keeps them from doing what they want. he said the way we see ourselves will determine the work we do. if you tell yourself you are not afraid to talk to anyone and you can share the gospel with anyone, then you can! just do it!! it was an amazing training!! i loved it and now i know what i need to do in order to have no regrets.

after the mission tour one of the elders that there was a lady in the prison that wanted a bible. (the chapel is across the street from the police station.) so me and sis. ons went over and met a lady in the prison. she told us that she wanted a bible to read but all we had with us was a book of mormon. so she sat on the ground inside the bars and we sat right outside and taught her a lesson about the book of mormon and told her a little bit about the church. she understand everything and said she's interested in learning more, so we'll where that goes but it was just a really cool experience. it shows that Heavenly Father loves EACH of His children no matter what they do, He wants us ALL to return back to Him. so when you see someone that doesn't look like they would be interested in the gospel, still try to share it with them because the gospel changes lives! they could be a "golden" investigator.

au lomani kemuni sara ga!! kalougata tiko!!

loloma levu,
sista chong

Aloha 'Oe to Sister Ons.  Until We Meet Again.

Finally got me a PUA!!!

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