Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Blessings from Exact Obedience

bula mama!!

im glad to know that you're all okay and you're all crazy tired!! pua tings!! we're similar in that area. the weird thing about a mission is that i've never been so tired in my life! (yes more tired than i normally am) but at the same time ive never been so amazingly happy!! im always happy and always love going out and doing the work!! it's weird, but i like it.

this week was my first week with my new companion sis. pyne. she's awesome! she's taught me so much already and it's only been a few days. i've already seen the increase of blessings from exact obedience. since shes got here, i have an easier time waking up at 630 every morning. its a miracle!!! the funny thing though is every morning i roll from the bed straight to the ground on my knees. its become such a habit to pray all the time. now i cant go to sleep without praying and i cant properly start my morning without praying, individually and with my companion. it's a must!! and i want to challenge the whole family to get to that point where prayer is so important that you can't sleep or start your day without it. if you think you're going to fall asleep while praying in the morning, say your prayer out loud. or walk around a little and then come back and pray. just pray!!

this week me and my companion went up to bulileka with the elders and knocked on some doors. hopefully we found some investigators. the first house we went to, there was a man hanging clothes on the line and he pretty much told us to go away and dont come back. rude!! that was the first time i ever had someone not listen to me at all because people here in Fiji are so nice that they just let everyone in. so that was the start to our tracting up there. but the rest of the day was good, we met many families and couples that we will visit again next week. so we'll see what happens.
we have a new investigator named Radha Wati. we met her last week and OYMd her and this week we came back to visit her. she's amazing and she was so happy to know that our Heavenly Father loves her. she couldn't express how happy she was and she just wants to keep on learning more and more. the only thing that makes it hard is she doesn't understand english. she only speaks Hindi. so guess what...im learning Hindi!! im trying to atleast learn a testimony and prayer so she can understand something i say. we take a member with us to translate but its hard because it takes twice as long to teach a lesson. if she could understand english i think she would already have a baptismal date. so im trying to learn fijian and hindi at the same time. hindi is way harder!! i just dont get it!!  and since im learning two languages my english doesnt make sense anymore, i speak nonsense. ugh. just pray for me please :/ and my companion who has to deal with me lol.

well, this week i got my first boil!! it's gross and i feel dirty and it hurts so much!! it even hurts to walk!! in our little mission health book it says to heat pack it and then you'll be able to drain it. so ive been heat packing it and it hasnt gone away yet. then i asked an indian sister in the branch and she said to take the chili leaf and put some coconut oil on it and fry it on the pan little bit and then rub it so the juice comes out, then put it on the boil and wrap it. so i did that and at first we burnt the leaves because we had no idea what we were doing. but eventually we got and wrapped my leg and it in the morning we found out it didnt work! so we went to church and one of the fijian sisters fed us lunch and told me to put this oil with a leaf in it on top of my boil and it'll go away. so i tried it last night and today so we'll see. all this fiji voodoo lol. but on friday night i was reading the health book and it has "how to drain a boil." as i was reading it i was getting so scared!! i started to cry reading that book because it was saying i had to poke a needle or scalpel in it and dig deep to drain all the pus out. im so scared!!! we'll see what happens.

this week i challenge all of you to read 3 nephi chapter 1 on Christmas Eve. this was the night before Christ was born so technically it's the first Christmas Eve. i love it because it's when Nephi and the people were being threatened to be killed because he had been prophesying about a Messiah and He hadn't come yet. so that night Nephi prayed and prayed asking for help to get his people out of bondage. and the Lord answered Nephi and told him not to worry because He was coming. it just shows how much He loves us. because if you think about it, Jesus Christ must've been like preparing everything and talking to Heavenly Father that night before He would be born, but He still had the time to comfort Nephi and his people. i love it!!

the kids sound busy and naughty hahaha! especially kino!! where did he learn the word moody?? crazy kid!! i miss you all!! au lomani kemudou sara ga!! i love your christmas party idea it's wananavu!! kalougata tiko!!

loloma levu,
sista chong

Elder Ledoux, standing next to me, went home this week

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