Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas and Service

bula mama!!
what a blessing it is that you received so many service opportunities but not only that but how great the blessings will be because you chose to take those opportunities. this christmas of course it has been different. i didnt even realize it was christmas this week until i was sitting in church and they talks about the christmas story. isa!! it was then that it hit me that christmas is this week!! there are no lights on the houses and only a few people have enough money to afford a christmas tree, even a tiny one. so it doesn't feel christmasy at all, but me and my companion have been doing the chain so that's what keeps our christmas spirits up. we're a little behind because sometimes when we come home we're just so tired!! so last night we were on the one that you sing next to candle light and luckily our power was out so that's the only choice we had. the funny thing is after we sang we heard our neighbor's tv and were like "why do they have power and not us!" well i turned the switch on and qori there was power. hahaha!! isa i dont know how long we had power but we were sitting there in the candle light singing christmas songs. lol.
but for real those service experiences you had are moments that need to be cherished. because if we think about it, we dont always have like 5 service opportunities in one week, yeah? so make sure you write them in your journal so you can always remember the feeling you had when you served others. then you'll start to actually look for ways to serve so that you can always have that feeling. 

this christmas we're going to go and do service for one of our less actives that we met for the first time this week. his name is Rupha and he lives in Bulileka which is an area where we just opened a unit and are focusing on to build the unit. anyway, me and my companion hiked into where he lives which is far sara ga, in the mud. after tracting through the mud and asking everyone where he lived we finally got to his house. only he was home and so we couldn't go inside. we found out that he was paralyzed from his waist down and that was the reason he couldn't come to church. it was too far to go in a wheelchair and it kind of seemed like people just forgot about him. we asked him if there was anything we could do to help and all he needed was for us to get him water. we went to the back of the house and realized that they dont have water in their pipes and we had to pour water from a jug which is dirty inside. my heart broke. this man was paralyzed, had no clean water, and the only person he had with him was his 80 year old mother. i started to cry just pouring the water into his water bottle because you could see it was dirty, but that's all they had. we then sat down with him, shared a scripture, and sang some christmas songs with him. he still has a strong testimony and he wanted to sing "i am a child of God" with us. so we did and then i gave us the prayer before we left.

after that we walked back and stopped at a member's house. we talked to her about it and she offered that if we wanted to we could get some bottles or jugs and fill them up at her house and take it down to Rupha's house so they have some clean water. i was so grateful for her kind heart and so some time this christmas week that's what we'll be doing. me and sis. pyne will also clean their house. so im excited for that and this will be my gift to not only this family but also to my Savior. "When ye are the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God." SERVE, SERVE, SERVE!!!
this week we had the sister trainers come and visit us again and as always it's an amazing experience. i learn so much from them and i look forward to their visits every 6 weeks. the second night they were here my boil popped! lol. it was so funny!!'s 1030 at night and you hear 4 girls screaming. 1 because it hurts so bad and then the other 3 because everytime they pinch it blood and puss comes shooting out. it was so funny!! sis. fanene actually popped it for me and was squeezing it because i couldn't do it myself. and everytime she squeezed all 3 of them would scream, even if only a little blood came out haha! sister pyne was running back and forth in the flat grabbing toilet paper, gauze, plastic, tape, everything. it was like i was under surgery! i was just laughing the whole time watching them run back and forth while sis. fanene's face was so focused on the boil haha! it was funny sara ga :) the sad thing i got another boil on my back because i touched my back after touching my leg. but that one popped yesterday and sis. pyne had to drain it because i couldn't reach. she said the first one shot up and almost shot her in the face and she screamed like a little girl. we were cracking up laughing the whole time which made me forget about the pain. but it was so funny!! after we were done my shirt had splatters of blood all over it because it was shooting everywhere. it was gross! pua ting sis. pyne.
i haven't received the package yet because we have to wait for someone to go to the mission office since we're off island. so ill probably get it after christmas. our zone leaders will go on the 27th so hopefully it's there. was the family going to take it to the mission office? i just hope i get it and nothing happened. au lomani kemudou sara ga!! marau Siganisucu vei kemudou!! mele kalikimaka!! think about what you are going to give to the Savior this christmas. dont forget to read 3 nephi 1, the first christmas eve.
loloma levu,
sista chong
p.s. wherever you're having christmas dinner make sure you see if the missionaries are being fed :) vinaka!!

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