Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas in Fiji

bula mama!! 

isa lei i was so happy to talk to you guys this week! i loved seeing how big all the kids are getting and just seeing my whole family was all i needed for Christmas. while we were skyping i couldn't help but think that it's weird that me and trent are not home for christmas this year. who controlled all those crazy kids? haha!I still can't believe that Sarah got a dog haha! isa! name the other one maqe, fo real doe! but it was so good to talk to you all finally, but now it's back to work! 

I GOT MY PACKAGE! it was huge! lol everyone was like there's a 24 lbs box coming on the boat for sister chong. please get it to her lol. we all thought they had put some other supplies for us but nope it was all presents. haha. thank you so much!  i love everything in the package! the maui chips was the first thing i saw and i screamed and my companion thought i was crazy screaming about a bag of chips lol. she dont know das why hahaha! i finally had my christmas and i thought of you guys the whole time. i loved everything! you always know what to get me. funny thing...when i opened the picture frame thing i was like she just send me a picture frame!? no pictures of the family to even look at? and i was so sad because i thought the only pictures i had to look at was my mission pictures on my camera. boring! but then my companion was like"moms are smart, turn it on because i think there might be pictures in it already." qori! there were pictures! i love it! i loved all the memes from conference too!! i fell asleep looking at them and then woke up and looked at them again. best christmas present :) vinaka sara valevu!

send my love to Joseph and Cheyenne and tell them i said "Finally!" just joking! tell them i said "Congratulations!" and ill give them both a huge hug in about a year. lol. the wedding sounded beautiful. i also got some pictures from aunty stella, she's the bomb! she always keeps me updated with what's going on at home. but im glad that everything worked out and everyone was able to celebrate together. 

well, this week we focused a lot on less actives. on christmas eve and christmas day most of our investigators were busy with families and stuff so we didn't get to teach but it's okay because we got to visit less actives. on christmas eve we went christmas caroling us and the elders. there were suppose to be members with us but none of them came so it ended up being us and the elders. boring! nah it was so much fun! we printed up the talk by Pres. Monson at the Christmas Devotional. also "The Living Christ" and we made some cookies. they all enjoyed it so much and really appreciated that we took the time to come and see how they were doing and wish them a merry christmas. it was an awesome night! but while we were driving through town to get to some less active's homes one of the elders, Elder Tafunai, rolled down his window and as we were driving through town he stuck his head out and was yelling "Merry Christmas" to everyone. let me remind you town is packed because everyone is doing last minute shopping and everyone stares at us already because we're foreigners. and then you have one of the foreigners sticking their head out the window of the truck yelling "Merry Christmas" to everyone. isa! crazy elders lol.

on Thursday we went and did our service for Rupha. we brought him and his family some clean water to drink, cleaned their house, tried to get river water up to their house for them to use, and then we planted some tavioka (cassava) in their yard. it was hard work but i was so happy to do it for them. we got permission to do it with the elders also, so having the 4 of us there made it that much funner. we were laughing, singing, and they could just see how happy we were to be there to help them. it was the best service project we did so far in my whole mission.

on Saturday we went back and visited Rupha and his mom. we read the Book of Mormon and made it exciting so he could remember the story better. we read the story when Nephi goes and gets the plates. i tried to make interesting so i was like trying to act it out and stuff and it was just fun. he loved it! we then sang "I am a child of God" with him because that's his favorite. and before we left we asked him if he wanted to come to sacrament. he started to cry when we asked and told us that he has been getting ready every Sunday waiting and hoping someone would come get him for sacrament or bring it to him. after hearing that sis. pyne and i did everything we could to make sure he got sacrament. and he did! yesterday after how many years, he was able to partake of the sacrament and he was so happy. he had such a big smile on his face the whole time and you could feel the spirit he had. 

on Sunday we went to find some less active families that we never had the chance to visit yet. we found some but there was one couple that we actually got to sit down with. the Ratulevus. we sang hymns with them, shared a spiritual thought, and prayed together. at the end of the lesson i was overwhelmed with the spirit and my heart couldn't contain the love i had for these people. i started to cry (like always) but this was different. i had never felt this way before. i expressed i felt with them and they both cried with and i knew they knew how much i loved them at that moment. i just knew that i was going to do anything i could to get them back to church! they already asked us to come back next week which we definitely will and they offered to feed us dinner. woohoo! but im so excited to get to know them more, i know that in the Lord's time they'll come back to church when they're ready. 

well that was my week. i had a quite christmas but it was nice. i was able to really think about my Savior and all He has done for me. au lomani kemudou sara ga! marautaka yabakivou!

loloma levu,
sista chong

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