Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Finding people, Vakatawase, and Training

bula mama,

isa i can't believe that sarah will be baptized already!! she is so big now!! she's becoming a beautiful daughter of our Heavenly Father and I'm sure He is smiling down on her since she made the decision to be baptized. tomorrow will be such a special day for her and when she comes up from that water she will feel our Heavenly Father's arms around her and she will feel His pure and eternal love that He has for her. i wish i could be there on this special day. make sure she knows how much i love her and im so proud of her and her decision in being baptized. i only wish that my investigators had the same amount of faith that she does haha.

well this week was pretty rough. still getting use to my new companion and still not use to being the senior companion and training. there's so many things that i still need to learn and im already expected to show a new sister the missionary life. isa! many times this week i didnt know what to do and i just couldn't do what i needed to by myself. i needed the help of my Father in Heaven. there were just some points this week where i had no idea where to go, who to say, what i needed to teach her, and every single time i just automatically dropped to my knees and asked my Heavenly Father to give me the strength and guidance i needed to do the work. and each time i felt a sense of peace overcome me letting me know that everything will be okay. it will all work out. there is no way i can train this new sister without the help and the strength from my Father in Heaven. this week i put all my trust in Him and have fully relied on Him to help me with everything. and i know He was there with me every step of the way.

the work is moving forward. right now our district is focusing on finding people to teach for our baptism goal in march of 100. so this month we've been focusing on finding, next month we'll be focusing on teaching those we find, and then in march baptizing. so we can reach that goal. we haven't been very lucky recently, finding new people to teach. that's pretty much all we will be doing this week. knocking on doors. talking to people on the street. trying to find those that the Lord has prepared for us to teach.

We need to remember that no one is perfect. the Gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect. the doctrine is perfect. the book of mormon is perfect. everything in the Gospel is perfect because it is Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ's church and they wouldn't accept anything less than perfection. the only thing is They trust us humans, who are imperfect, to oversee the church here on earth. we're all human. no one is perfect. no church has people that have no faults, but we're lucky to be a part of the only true church on earth that when we do make those mistakes and have faults, we have the perfect Gospel that will help us to learn and grow and teach us the truth to become more like our Savior Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven. something important i learned in my mission is don't make the decision for the person. give them the opportunity to decide. bring them to church! we don't invite people to church to show off what we do or who goes there. we invite people to church to feel the power of the Holy Ghost testifying to them of the truthfulness of this Gospel. as missionaries we invite people to church everyday! and it's because i know this Gospel is true with all my heart and i want to share it with everyone despite if our branch/ward is perfect or not. the Gospel is perfect!

on wednesday we went to eat dinner at a member's house. the salabogi's. okay well before i start my story ill give you some background information. here in fiji on new years what they do is they splash water on you. i dont know why, i dont know the point, all i know is that they splash water on each other. and it lasts the whole month of january! in fijian it's called vakatawase. okay so with that... we had dinner and everything and we were just sitting, talking story, learning Fijian, because we were waiting for the elders to pick us up. well the elders drive up and sis. salabogi who is about 50's grabs a bottle of water and puts it behind her back. bro. salabogi goes outside and tries to invite them in but they so no because it's getting late. so then sis. salabogi walks out (with the bottle behind her back) and goes to shake their hands. they roll down the window of the truck and boom! she shoots them with the water in the face haha! they got out of the car and we come outside and all we see is this old fijian lady chasing the elders around the truck with a water bottle, trying to shoot it at them. it was hilarious! me and my companion were cracking up and suddenly bro. salabogi shoots us with water, right in my face! mouth open everything because i was laughing! oh my gosh! finally, all the water was gone, all the missionaries and sis. salabogi were wet, and everyone was laughing. it was such a fun night that i will never forget haha!

well that was my week. finding people, vakatawase, and training. here in fiji im still scared of mo'os and frogs, still showering in cold water, still eating with my hands, and still in labasa :) i love my mission! au lomani kemudou sara valevu!! kalougata tiko!!

loloma levu,
sista chong

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