Monday, January 20, 2014

I'm a Mom!

bula mama!!

okay so this week was pretty crazy. getting a new companion, becoming the senior companion :/, training!! oh my gosh!! my new companions name is sis. alaga and she is from western samoa. it has been going  well, it's way hard training because i sometimes forget that she hasn't served in another area before so she has no idea what to do. so i always have to remind myself that it's my job to make sure she does what she's suppose to do. the awkward thing about this whole training thing is that she's older than me lol. so i feel like she should be the one training me because i just feel so young. but ive realized that although she's older than me, she's still young in the mission field and there's a reason why Heavenly Father has sent her to me. but training is going well, im a mother now!! haha. 

since ive been training im starting to feel obligated to speak more fijian. now i think it's my responsibility to teach her fijian and i dont even know it well enough myself. 
so im studying the language a lot more and trying my best to speak to as much fijian i can with her so she can learn. every night we read a chapter from the book of mormon in fijian and we try our best to speak as much fijian as we can. whats good about training is that they come straight from the MTC where they constantly were told to speak fijian so she's still in that habit of trying to speak fijian as much as she can, she it reminds me to speak fijian. it's just what i needed. but along with fijian im learning a lot more hindi because we have a lot of indian investigators. i dont know nearly as much hindi as fijian but im learning slowly. sometimes i get confused and speak fijian and hindi in the same sentence but ill get it one day :)

in the fiji suva mission in the month of march we were challenged by elder pearson of the seventies to get 100 baptisms in our whole mission just in the month of march. crazy!!! which means me and my companion need to get 5-6, just us alone. so from the start i told my trainee the goal and told her that we have a lot of work to do, so we're working hard and we won't slow down. we started mission book of mormon reading to help us in looking for and baptizing investigators for march. we're doing lots of things as a mission to help us reach our goal. im pretty sure with this challenge and training now im constantly on my knees just asking for guidance from my Father in Heaven how to do everything. i trust Him and i know that He will help me in everything as long as i live worthy of His help. 

story time.......okay so on saturday we went up to Boca loop. we went and visited that one less active, Rup, the one that can't walk. anyway, right before we left he asked us if we could bring them some water because their tank was empty and they were trying to figure out how to get water from the river to their house. so we told the elders and so we went and picked up the bottles they had and we were going to take it to a members home to fill them. well right when we start picking up the bottles it starts to pour rain!! we got in the truck and were driving the bottles to the members house to fill them up.on the way there we drove past Rup's mom who is like 80 years old and she was carrying a huge sack over her head and it was a far walk. it's like walking from our house down to river mouth on the highway. without even thinking twice i told the elders to stop the car and me and my companion were going to walk nani (the mom) home. so we left our shoes in the car, jumped out, and went to help carry the sack home for her and walk with her. we walked her all the way back and then started walking back to  meet up with the elders to take the filled waters down to their house. we met them halfway, they parked the car because it was too muddy to go all the way down and we carried the bottles down to their home. the family was so grateful for the water and everything, the smiles on their faces said it all. at that moment i was just so happy! i can't explain how much joy i felt just by doing that little service. when we first started i thought, "oh my gosh it's raining, it's so far!" but at the end my heart was full and i just wanted to keep walking in the rain and mud helping people! by the time we got back to the car we were all soaked, laughing, just feeling amazing! i testify that service is the best way to come to know our Savior, Jesus Christ. all He did was serve while He was on the earth so that's what we should strive to do, SERVE GA!! (JUST SERVE!!) 

vinaka for sharing your notes from the training. the one point i wanted to share a little bit about was the one that said the worse someone could do is reject you. when i first came on my mission i was so scared to talk to people, to knock on doors because i was scared they would reject me. well, the longer ive been here i realized that it doesn't matter if someone rejects you! you still mentioned something about the gospel to them that will stick with them and one day they'll remember what you said and when they're ready they'll call the missionaries. now when i go knocking on doors and i can just feel that they're not interested or they chase me away, me and my companion just laugh afterward because we know we did our part, they're just not ready yet. all you can do is open your mouth. it's their choice to open their heart. NO SCARED, CHARGE LARGE!!!

well, au lomani kemudou sara valevu!!! vinaka ena nomudou masu ena veisiga!! kalougata tiko!! bhot daniwaad!! 

loloma levu,
sista chong

Eating sugar cane after service

Going to Savusavu

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