Monday, February 17, 2014

Reunion and Elder Anderson!!!

bula mama!!

well where to start lol. let's start with who i saw...EVERYONE!! i saw my mom (sis. ons), 

my dad (sis. pyne), my whole intake, 

and elder ishibashi! haha. it was funny because i was walking through the hall and all i heard was "sis. chong! ive been looking for you!" i turned around and looked at the elder's tag and lo and behold, elder ishibashi! it was funny!! we talked for a little while and took a picture which ill send you. 

but it was so good to see everyone, especially everyone from my intake. i cant believe i hadnt seen them for almost 6 months!! hahaaha. all the elders were like, "sis chong so long!" i was just like "yup thats what happens when your in labasa." hahahaha! but it was fun :) one of the elders from my intake played the piano for prelude music and i didnt realize how much i missed him playing the piano for all of us. it was so nice. but man it was good fun. it was really fast but i was grateful i got to see all the elders and sisters, that never happens! 

there is also an elder wilson here who walked up to me and said that a sis swain served in his aunty's ward in utah and she told him to find me and take a picture so she could show her. what a small world! haha.

anyway, elder anderson was amazing! each one of us got to shake his hand and he called each one of us by name when we met him. when he spoke to us he put on a mic headset and came down right in front of us to talk to us. he was so close! lol. but he talked to us about missionary work in relations to the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. it was more of a discussion, then a talk. he asked us questions and talked with us and gave us so much insight. i learned that we can't learn about the atonement through only studying it in the scriptures. but we also need to use it! we need to repent everyday and think about how we can help our investigators use the atonement and let them know of the sacrifice our Savior made for us. that's how much He loves us!! everything he said was just awesome and really opened up my eyes. ive heard about the topic before but he opened my eyes by helping me look at things from a different perspective or view.
after we had the conference with him we got to go to a cultural night that the suva stakes held for elder anderson. we went with the sisters we were staying with, which was sis pyne, but it was so fun! they did meke (fijian dance), there was a hula, which made me cry a little lol, and then they had rotuma, kiribas, and indian dances. it was my first time watching all these kind dances. everyone enjoyed it. all the missionaries were sitting at the way back watching and recording on the cameras. sadly my camera died right before :( but it was so much fun!
okay now for the work. we have 3 baptisms coming up on the 1st of march. our 3 kid investigators. they're all so excited to be baptized and they'll have their interviews this weekend to make sure they're ready for baptism. but i think they're ready and they can't wait to be baptized. my only wish is that they continue to stay strong even when they grow up to be adults and raise their families in the Gospel. that's something i noticed here. many of the indian members are baptized at a young age and by the time they're adults they go back to their old religions and fall away from the church. so i pray that these 3 will be strong and endure to the very end.
last thing...this last week it rained really hard one night. and so what we did was we went outside and played in the rain and decided to have a rain bath. so we brought out our shampoo and soap and everything and literally bathed in the rain! it was so much fun and ill definitely do it when i come home and teach the kids how to bathe in the rain, fijian style :) haha.

and an answer to laa's question. yes i am learning fijian. it's taking time, im not super good at it yet, but im working hard. pray for me :) au lomani kemudou sara valevu!

loloma levu, 
sista chong

Gotta include the Fijian critters!  Gross!

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