Monday, March 24, 2014

Fiji Nei


well well well it sounds like home is the same. crazy kids, volleyball, and song contest. hahaha!! from what you told me about the boys volleyball, i so want to come and watch them! it sounds like they might be going to states!! isa!! im so happy for them. and i totally agree with you that kapule is the reason they are playing the way they is that guy anyway!!?! lol

anyway it has been a beautiful day in fiji nei. jk it's not it has been raining almost every single day. but it's not a good rain, it just gets more and more humid when the rain comes. oh well im not gonna complain :) but this week we had the ba sisters come and do splits with us. i had the opportunity to be companions with Sis. Tuahiva for the day and i learned so much from her! what we decided to do was go and visit our old investigators, like the ones that have been our investigators for a long period of time. so we went and saw Sis. Bull and Felipe. We went to Sis. Bull's house and had no idea what we would be teaching her because she has been taught all the lessons over and over again, we've been reading the Book of Mormon with her so that's what we decided to do. we chose a chapter that we would read with her but didn't feel very confident about it. so i said a little prayer inside to have the Spirit guide us on what we should teach her. when we got there we asked her about her Book of Mormon reading and she said she read Alma 34, which is what we gave her last time. i had totally forgot about it because it had been such a long time. so we opened up to alma 34 and as soon as i opened my Book of Mormon i knew that that was the chapter we needed to talk about that day. as we talked about what she read, about the atonement, and preparing ourselves to meet God, we asked her what were some things she needed to change before she met God. she said many different things but we then reminded her of the law of chastity and she started to cry. i began to bare testimony to her of how important baptism is and about the power of the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. the Spirit was overwhelming and she knew that she needed to be baptized but first she needed to get married. we will see her again this week to check on her progress.

after we went to sis. bull's, we went to visit a boy named Felipe. we found his teaching record in an old area book that we found in our flat. so we decided to go and visit him one day and asked him all the baptism questions...he knew it all! but what we failed to do was go into debt about how much he knew. so sis. tuahiva and i went to visit him and had a lesson with him. we had planned to read mosiah 18 with him and talk about baptism again. what ended up happening was us asking him a lot of questions. well sis. tuahiva asking a lot of questions about Joseph Smith, priesthood, etc. he told us that he had been baptized already and we asked him where his pastor got his authority from and he didn't know he said he thought he got it from God, but really he had no idea and i dont think he thought about it before. we then retaught him the Restoration and how Joseph Smith restored the priesthood of God. we asked him where Joseph Smith got his priesthood from, which he answered "Pita, Jamesa, kei Joni." we then asked him where they got there priesthood from and he said, "Jisu Karisito" Qori!! but for some reason he still didn't fully understand how only our church has the priesthood power or the proper authority to baptize, so we'll be going back and teaching him all the lessons again.

it was so fun to be with sis. tuahiva. she's from tahiti and i stayed with her when i first came to fiji for that first week we stayed in Suva. so it was like a reunion lol. she's hilarious!! we get along so well and the Spirit was so strong when we taught together! i think it's because she reminds me of aunty abby, that's why we got along so well. i felt like i was just companions with aunty abby for 2 days. in fact!! i found out that sis. tuahiva is cousins with aunty abby's mom!! so i showed her pictures of moehau and matu and she said, "oh my gosh this is the moehau abby's mom always talks about!" haha so funny i was like yup that's her!! but we had a good time together. hopefully we can be companions one day :) but no matter what i will definitely go and visit her in tahiti...some day...haha.

yesterday was an awesome day as well!! we went to church and ended up getting about 2 referrals which is very rare!! and will start teaching them this week. one is a less active's step children. and the other is a girl from a part member family. we're excited and definitely have seen the blessings of hard work. it is true when joseph smith said that after the trials come the blessings. i have witnessed it myself this week.

funny we were walking down this street, salusalu st. at 7 pm for our dinner appointment and it was dark already. anyway when we were walking and i heard a dog from the side and i looked and there was a gate so i was relieved. but then i heard a dog from behind and i didn't know if there was a gate or not so i automatically threw my scriptures at my companion and was about to book it!! my companion grabbed my arm and stopped me from running because come to find out the dog was tied up, but only i didn't know that. ugh i hate dogs!! i carry my scriptures in my hand now because it is literally my sword!!

au lomani kemudou sara valevu!! kalougata tiko!! how's your book of mormon reading!?!?! we'll be finishing the book of mormon this saturday as a mission. fastest ive ever read it in my life...2 months hahaha!! and it all flows together and is like one big story now...i love it!!! the things in the Book of Mormon are so real!!! all the things they talk about and the things that they foresaw are all coming true, its crazy!! like i just read mormon 8-9 today and he talks about whoever will bring the book of mormon to light and whoa!! he nailed it!! joseph smith did all that and is that person he described. wow!! my testimony has definitely grown so much. 

and lastly mom dont worry about me. im fine.  I LOVE MY MISSION!!! I DONT WANT TO COME HOME!!!  i love everything about my mission. love you chokest!!

loloma levu,
sista chong

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