Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy 20th Birthday

bula mama!!

WE HAD TRANSFERS!!! AND GUESS WHAT!!!!! im staying in labasa......hahahhaha!!

happy birthday to me!! hahaha its crazy to think that i just had my birthday here in the beautiful islands of Fiji :) that's not something everyone can say. but i had a good birthday. i pretty much planned everything myself. we went over to joana's house for lunch and we made some fijian food lol. some fish, tavioka, baigani (eggplant) in lolo (coconut milk). i made that myself :) husked, scraped and squeezed the milk myself lol im going native yo! then we watched "the legacy" while eating. it's a church movie about one of the woman who traveled to Zion. you should watch it. but after lunch we went to the chapel because the Relief Society had an activity and it was volleyball!! so ofcourse i told my companion that all i wanted to do for my birthday was play some volleyball, so that's what we did :) and then when we were finished, we were on our way home and ma (my fijian mom) called us and said Asaeli had made me dinner for my birthday. woohoo!! so we went over and he made me chicken, dalo, and ice cream for dessert. it was so nice. so my birthday was good. it feels weird to tell people that im 20 now instead of 19 haha, throws me off.

Happy Birthday Dinner

as for the rest of the week, it was pretty good. we went and saw one of our new investigators. we were trying to figure out what to teach him because we felt like we didn't need to start from the very beginning of the first lesson with him but we didn't know where we needed to start. so we moved on to our training for Sis. Alaga and this week we're focusing on using the Book of Mormon. as soon as we finished training we both felt that we needed to just teach him about the Book of Mormon. we had given him one when we first met him and so we decided we would just go over and talk about where it came from and then read 3 Ne. 11 with him. we read through the whole chapter before we left so that we could think of some questions we could ask or what verses were most important to mention. the one thing we forgot was that we would be teaching him in Fijian. so i had all my questions and verses in my english! we got there and started our lesson and i realized i didn't know how to ask all my questions in Fijian. right then i said a short prayer in my heart asking the Lord to please help  me with my Fijian. throughout the lesson i knew it wasn't me speaking. many of the words ive never heard of in my life and i could understand everything he was sharing with us. at the end of the lesson he told us that he knew that the Book of Mormon was true. we invited him to pray about what we read that day to know without a doubt that this book is true. it was a very powerful lesson.

yesterday in church we had branch conference. the senior couple, the walkers, came from savusavu to attend our conference. it was a nice conference, we combined with one of the other smaller branches in our area and it was good to see all the saints in labasa come together. the topic was tithing. different but it was good. the senior couple that came is awesome! elder and sister walker always have smiles on their faces and you can just see their love for the work and their strong testimonies of the Savior. after the conference sister walker talked to us about helping the primary. i have to learn a song that's not in the primary songbook or hymnbook. it's called "the family is of God" or something like that. but sis. walker asked me to learn it and to really help the primary to learn it so they know if for their primary program at the end of the year. so i got a lot of work to do. but it'll be fun!

well that was pretty much our week here in Labasa. funny story...the elders had to give their truck to some other elders in a different area. anyway so on saturday i had to show them how to catch the bus up to boca. it was funny because they were so tired lol. but we caught the bus and i told them that we needed to be at the bus stop at 5 to catch the last bus back to town. well we go and teach and me and sis alaga get back at 5 exactly. we here the bus coming and the elders were no where in sight. we called our district leader to call them to tell them that the bus was coming already and they needed to hurry. well the bus pulled up to the bus stop and we told our investigators who were catching the some bus as us to go ahead because we have to wait for the elders. suddenly as they were getting on the bus they said, "sister! the elders are coming!" me and my companion come out on the road to look and you just see to guys in white shirts and sulus running as fast as they can, sliding through the mud, with their arms flapping everywhere trying not to fall hahahaha!! it was the funniest thing!! but they made it to the bus in time and they were dead tired and all sweaty...gross! lol it was fun though. we were cracking up because they were like "wow sisters walking is a whole new kind of mission." i just laughed and said "now you're serving a REAL mission" hahahaha!!

our district leader is getting transferred, he leaves on wednesday. and guess who our new district leader is....our assistant to the president!!! woohooo!! hahahaha im scared lol. but it'll be good fun :) au lomani kemudou valevu sara!!

loloma levu,
20 year old sista chong :)

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