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March 9 - Zone Conference Weekend

bula mama,

well this week was a really good week. busy but good :) first of all we went to savusavu for zone conference. president klingler came down and we caught a 2 hour bus to get there because president took my seat in the elder's truck haha jk. but fo real. anyway... it was a really good conference. all the training we got was to help us as we strive as a mission to get 100 new converts to the Gospel. the zone leaders talked about introducing EVERY investigator to the Book of Mormon because that's the evidence that we have about the whole Restoration. they had one of their recent converts come to conference and bare her testimony about how she came to know the Book of Mormon was true. her testimony was truly inspiring. she is the only member in her family and has just put her mission papers in...she's amazing!!! anyway, it really encouraged me to make sure i introduce the Book of Mormon to everyone. the APs (assistants to the president) trained us on positive daily contacting. making sure that we go and make some type of contact with each investigator everyday. whether it be giving them a pamphlet, movie, scripture to read, leaving them a note, giving them a call, or asking a member to go and visit them. the reason for this is so that they don't lose that excitement and Spirit they had in the last lesson. if we only see them once a week it gives Satan time to drive them away and lose that excitement and the Spirit. sis. Klingler trained us on diligence. to never give up and keep going. it made me thing of "Finding Nemo" when Dori says, "just keep swimming, just keep swimming..." that's exactly what diligence is! just keep swimming!! don't stop because you're tired or scared. the Lord is on our side, we are on the winning team. so just keep going! it really got me motivated, it was a kick in the butt to keep pushing to the end. lastly, pres. Klingler talked to us about repentance. he showed us all these scriptures in the Book of Mormon about the conditions to repentance. he helped us to realize that we are the ones that help our investigators make those first steps of repentance and in order to ask them to repent we need to repent ourselves first. makes sense! but conference was awesome!

also at zone conference my zone leader, elder andrews said his departing testimony. out of my 2 first zone leaders, one left and now elder andrews who is the second of the 2 is leaving next week. it was so sad. he has done so much for all of us in this zone and has definitely inspired me to keep going. he is honestly one of the most humble elders i know. he loves the people, knows the language, loves the work, and is truly a disciple of Jesus Christ. i hope to be like him when my time comes to bare my departing testimony. he's the!! 

well after zone conference me and my companion thought that after we had our interviews, we were getting on a bus and heading back to labasa. then we found out that we were staying one night in savusavu. oh my gosh! we didn't bring anything!! so we made our district leader drive us to town and told him all we needed was a sulu and a toothbrush. as soon as those words came out of my mouth i knew that i had been in fiji too long. before i would complain and complain that i need this and that just for one night but now all i need is a toothbrush and a sulu to sleep in. that's all, simple. wow! haha.

when we got back from savusavu (in the same clothes) we just went straight to work and started preparing for our baptism on the next day. Nikhil and Navneet were finally baptized on saturday. they were so happy and loved coming to church in namara, in town, on sunday. usually they go to our little unit up in boca where they live, but they had to come down to namara to be confirmed and they loved it! they sleept at a members home saturday night and came to church with them on sunday and were confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. they also were able to stay for our missionary musical fireside last night. it was all about the Restoration, which was perfect for them. we had different members speak on various topics. we also asked different members to sing in the program. we had the Bull family sing "joseph smith's first prayer", the primary, including Nikhil and Navneet, sang "books in the book of mormon," mission prep class and missionaries sang, "we'll bring the world his truth," the young men sang, "praise to the man," and lastly the whole congregation sang, "we thank thee of god for a prophet." the fireside was so powerful and the Spirit was overwhelming. the Restoration always brings such a strong Spirit no matter where you teach it or how you teach it, it just has that power.

this week was a crazy but blessed week. many blessings. many smiles. and 2 more souls brought unto our Savior Jesus Christ. au lomani kemudou!

loloma levu,
sista chong

one thing i forgot to tell you was last night we were taking the boys home in a taxi and there were 4 of us so i had to sit in the front seat. i haven't sat in the front seat of a car for over 7 months. i got so scared during the ride because everything was so close. it was just weird and i wasn't use to sitting in the front anymore.

The beautiful Fijian baptismal font

Really BIG dalo!!!

Shout out to ELDER HIGA's Ohana!

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