Sunday, March 2, 2014

Roughest and Most Amazing Week

bula mama~

thanks for the lu'au videos. isa! the missionary haka was hilarious!! hahahaha!!! i loved it!!!! of course the video of hawaii aloha made me cry haha! no surprise there :) can't wait to hear that again when i come home. sorry i was so late today, we had to clean our flat like really really good because we have flat inspections on wednesday. and i cleaned under the sink and counters in the cupboards and i killed about 15 cockroaches!! gross!!! now i can say i have no problem killing cockroaches :) i still dont like them touching me but i can kill them with one slippah with no problem. 

as for me here in fiji we had the roughest amazing week ever! i dont know how that works but that's exactly how our week was this week. the amazing part was we had a baptism!! anjala finally got baptized this past saturday. she's the sweetest, cutest little girl. she's only 8 and she's tiny but her faith in the Gospel and her Savior Jesus Christ is bigger than most of the rest of our investigators. she had the biggest smile on her face the whole program.

it was rough because there was just so much stress planning this baptism. starting from friday we got a call from our branch mission leader who said that he met Nikhil and Navneet's father in town and he said they weren't coming to the baptism. so we called them and they said that their dad said that they were going to a funeral. when i heard them i understood and they said next week they would be baptized. well after the baptism we went up to boca to teach our other investigators up there. as soon as we get out of the elder's truck we see Navneet and his dad getting off the bus with groceries. sis. alaga and i followed them because we just wanted to talk to them about the baptism and just see what's going on. they were pretty much running home because they saw us, but we just walked slowly and got to their house and only Navneet came out to tell us to come back because they have to bath. but we told him we weren't going to have a lesson, we needed to talk to them and their dad about when they will have your baptism. he went back inside and next thing we know we see him run down the hill to the river to have his bath and his dad didn't come out and talk to us. he hid in the back of the house and never came out. me and sis. alaga were both very disappointed and didn't know what else to do and so we just left hoping we'll be able to meet them on tuesday. so we'll see what happens. 

besides the baptism we have been focusing on finding this week. all we did was knock on doors all day, every day. and you know what.....i OYM'd in all fijian this week after a really long time. we always OYM indians for some reason but this week majority of the people we met were fijian and we spoke to them in fijian. many times i was tempted to speak english once i found out that they spoke english but something told me to just speak fijian. just do it!! so i did and i realized that i knew a lot more than i though i did. some of these people we will be going back to and visiting, which means we will be teaching in fijian which im really nervous about but really excited at the same time. 

we have zone conference in savusavu this week thursday and president will be coming down. so im excited for that. we always have meetings with president when i most need it. it's like he knows exactly what's going on every day lol.

but that was my week. the roughest amazing week i have ever had. lol. au lomani kemudou sara valevu!! 

loloma levu,
sista chong

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