Tuesday, April 1, 2014


bula mama!!

123!!!!!!! well the month of march has come and gone and as a mission received the challenge from Elder Pearson of the seventies to get 100 baptisms and guess what!! we got 123!!! truly i have seen the many miracles great and small this past month. sis. alaga and i contributing 3 baptisms here in Labasa :) it was so amazing to see how strong our mission has become and how much i have learned to trust in the Lord with all my heart. after hours of fasting, reading the Book of Mormon, and praying we were able to accomplish our goal in the end and become closer to our Father in Heaven. when we got the text last night that we had reached our goal i screamed and jumped out of bed and cheered as if i had just won something. my companion was already sleeping and poor girl was so tired she didn't even hear me scream lol. but truly this experience has showed me the power of the Lord in our work each and every day. what a month!!

as for this week...we had a pretty amazing last week of miracles. one of our long time investigators got married on tuesday and that's the last thing we were waiting for! so we visited her and she has accepted the baptismal date of 12 April. along with our investigator making the final step before baptism, we got a referral from that same family to teach 2 maybe 3 of the grandchildren. in fact, they will be moving to Lautoka very soon on 17 April and so they want us to be baptized before they leave so we're pushing for them to baptized the same day as their aunty on 12 April. what a special day that would be for the whole family to see 4 of their family members receive the key to the kingdom of our Heavenly Father. it truly showed me that the Lord blesses us after the trials. also when we just do our part as missionaries and we show that we work hard and are obedient to everything, the members will trust us and give us referrals to teach their loved ones.

another miracle we had this week was another one of our old time investigators took the time to talk to one of our members in church that's a judge to ask her some questions about how to do a divorce and then get married to the man she's living with now. so to me that was a huge step and we were there for her the whole time so she knew that we were there for her and willing to support her every step of the way. we will visit her again this week to get her started so she can be baptized because she has been waiting for almost 4 years now.

isa so many questions haha but here wee go. i am good, set!! the lessons are coming along. still trying to improve teaching in fijian but it's coming slowly. little by little each day. lucy and meli are amazing! their baby is due on 15 april and im so excited!! they said that if it's a girl her name will be...........KIARA!! lol so i hope it's a girl :) joana is doing good. she is sitting right here and says hi :) today we took her around town to look for a job so she can save money for her mission. and we might've found one so we'll go back to that place after emailing to see what happens. my new district leader is Elder Checketts. he is really good and is definitely making a difference in our district. he has a lot of advice and experience to help us in the work.

and yes i heard anna got her blessing she emailed me!! im so happy for her and she said that she's going to go on her mission!!! wow :) hahahaha!!! i hope she goes. she needs to.

au lomani kemudou!!

loloma levu,
sista chong

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