Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bula Suva!!

bula mama!!

well let me just say that suva is way different than Labasa. it's way crazy fast, the people rarely speak Fijian, and well i have a car! hahaha everything is so different!! but i love it. not as much as Labasa because you always love your first area the most, but i still love it here because it's still Fiji, so i can't complain lol. the people in the ward are way nice. i got to meet a few because we watched general conference this week, but the ones i did meet were nice. but i love it here. we live like right down the road from the temple so we can see it all day everyday and it looks so beautiful at night. i've never lived so close to a temple so it's way weird but such a blessing. it reminds me every minute of the day how blessed i am to be on my mission and to remember to always keep my covenants that i made in there. i'm excited for the day we get to go and do a session this quarter. 

what's awesome about this area is the people we teach. well more specifically, the security guards. in our area we have the temple, LDS primary school, and Elder Wakolo (member of the seventies). they all have security guards 24 hours watching the properties and they're not all members. so ofcourse being missionaries, we go and talk to the guards all the time and in fact we're teaching 3 of them. two of them the sisters started teaching before i got here but there's one that we just met yesterday and he's awesome! and even better...we teach him in Fijian!! it was weird because usually when i know i have to teach in Fijian i get really nervous and scare myself, but yesterday i was very relaxed and i was able to say everything i wanted to with ease. it was awesome!!!! 

general conference this week was amazing as usual. i loved the talks from the sunday morning session. my favorite was the sister that is a member of the primary general presidency. (sorry i dont have my notes so i forgot her name) but i loved her talk about the love of our Heavenly Father and how important the family is. i've been helping a lot in primary lately and i've seen how much emphasis the first presidency is putting on families. the theme is "families are forever." Heavenly Father knows how Satan is trying to destroy families and He is doing all He can to help us fight against the things and those who are trying to break up our families. the primary is learning a song, "the family is of God." it's a cute song. it talks about the role of the mother, father, and the children in a family and how important the family is to our Father in Heaven. so i think that's why that sisters talk stood out to me is because i've been really working with the primary and i know what they're learning and what Heavenly Father wants them to learn about our families.

my companion is sis. pyne!! and it's such a blessing because we both know exactly why we're here and what we need to do in order to help the sisters in this mission. our first step....OBEDIENCE!! we both know the importance of exact obedience and we know that we can't do it alone and so we are working on it together so that we can be good examples to the sisters we serve. lead by example. 

well that's all that's been happening so far. not much because i've only been here for 4 days so there's a lot more to see and do. the transition night sounded awesome and aunty stella sent me some pictures. looks fun! also i was cracking up about dad's story!! that was a good one. 

au lomani kemudou sara valevu!!

loloma levu,
sista chong

sorry this is the story about the new security guard we started teaching...

on saturday during General Conference one of our members told us that he had a referral for us. it was the guard on duty at the Primary School. after conference was finished we went with the member to meet him and scheduled an appointment  to meet with him the next day. so yesterday we went and met with this brother. we began the lesson and sis. pyne was introducing herself and asked if he had any questions. thinking he was going to ask a question about her he surprised us when he asked, "can you explain about your church?" that caught us way off guard and so we started giving an overview of the Restoration and Gospel of Jesus Christ. he then asked us "what do i have to do to become a member?" i thought to myself "whoa! this guy is ready!" so we just told him about the lessons and the importance of baptism. he understood and we continued explaining a little more. at the end of the lesson we read Moroni 10:3-5 with him and we asked him what he learned from the scripture. he told us that if anyone reads the word of God you have to do it with all your heart and want to do it and then to pray about it. he nailed it! he then shared with us that usually when he reads in Fijian he's really slow and choppy, but when he read the scripture in that lesson it was easy. we asked him what that meant to him and he told us, "this book must be true and the word of God." inside i was going crazy! i couldn't believe what was happening. it just showed me that the Lord truly does prepare people for us to teach. also how important the spirit is when you teach, especially when you teach in a different language because we don't know the language as well as they do but it's the spirit that helps them to understand what we're saying and the spirit is the one to help us remember what to say. it's amazing how the spirit works!

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  1. YAAAYY! A transfer!! Finally found time to read the blog. I can totally picture Keapo writing these emails, all enthusiastic and full of life. Please send her our love!!
    -KD ELLE