Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Easter!

bula mama!!

well first of all sorry im a day late but here in fiji their easter lasts from thursday all the way til monday so we were told that the internet shops were closed yesterday and that's why we're emailing today :) anyway...we had an amazing week!! like no joke. first of all on tuesday we went to one of our lessons with a guard. when we got there we found out that it was the wrong guard on duty and it wasn't the one we were looking for, so instead of wasting time we talked to that guard and started sharing a little lesson with him. the Spirit was so strong in the lesson! we just talked about a little bit of everything and about Jesus Christ's life. we asked him if he had any questions and he asked us if miracles still happen today. what an amazing first question!! so we should him the scripture from moroni 7:29-30 and told him that miracles still happen and it was at that moment that we caught his interest. we've met with him 3 more times after that and they have been such powerful lessons. we even committed him to baptism and plan on giving him a date this week. the Lord has truly prepared him to receive the Gospel because he is so open and asks awesome questions. in our second lesson with him he told us that he was going to quit his job. we were so sad and told him that we would send missionaries to his home to continue the lessons. well.....on sunday we called him on the phone to see how he was doing with his Book of Mormon reading. he was really quiet and didn't sound like he usually does. we asked him questions to figure out what was wrong and he told us that he was going to keep working as a security guard until we finish the lessons. sis. pyne and i almost screamed when he told us that. it showed us how the Lord truly does lead us to those who are ready and they are the ones who will do anything to learn this Gospel.

on sunday night we met with our other security guard who was kind of stuck and we weren't sure which step we would take next. so we went to the lesson planning on reading from a Liahona that talks all about the Book of Mormon. as we read from it you could feel that the Spirit was missing. he seemed very distracted and just not focused on the lesson. as we were about the close Elder Wakolo (member of the seventy) came and sat in our lesson. he bore his testimony of how he was converted into the church and how he came to know that it was the only true church, the church of Jesus Christ. our investigator started to cry because he could feel the power of Elder Wakolo's testimony and the love he has for the Gospel. as soon as that lesson ended the investigator told us that he's ready to be baptized. plus Elder Wakolo offered to baptism him on that special day. what a blessing and special opportunity it will be for him to get baptized by Elder Wakolo. 

besides our lessons, i gave my first training last week. we had a meeting as a zone with the zone leaders, the district leaders, the trainers, and the assistants to the President. they asked sis. pyne and i to give a training in the meeting, and i was freaking out!! i dont like to speak in front of people and i just realized that this calling involves speaking in front of people many times. as soon as we found out we would be giving a training i prayed so hard for the Lord to comfort me and give me the confidence i need to share what i need to and to be able to follow the Spirit. as soon as we stood up to give the training my fears disappeared and i wasn't nervous anymore. i knew that the Lord was with me and is mindful of me. he is even mindful of my little baby fears, like speaking in front of people. even though it's a small thing compared to the rest of this world, to me it was a big thing and the Lord was there for me through it all. he took the time to wipe away my fears and give me the strength i needed to give the training. i truly know that no matter how small or no matter how insignificant our needs are compared to the rest of this world, the Lord will help us through it because we mean the world to Him.

yesterday we were having our morning walk when our mission nurse drove past us and told us that her and another senior sister were going to Colo i Suva, which is a little hike thing, where you walk through the forest and look at natural pools. it was so beautiful and it was so fun going with the 2 senior sisters. they're awesome! it's the first time i did something like that while on my mission and i hope we'll be able to do more things like that. im definitely going to have to go back there after my mission so i can swim :) ill send pics!!

but i love being here in Samabula. the ward is good, very supportive in the work. the people are nice. the food is good. the car is making me fat lol. and the work is definitely moving fast. it's hard to keep up sometimes. au lomani kemudou sara valevu! kalougata tiko!!

loloma levu,

sista chong

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