Monday, April 28, 2014

Lost in the Work!

bula mama!

well this week was a busy one! i had my first exchanges with another companionship. i went over to their area while sister pyne brought the other companion to our area. they are in a fijian speaking area. they are the ONLY sisters in the mission that serve in a fijian speaking ward, so im way jealous, but the good thing is that on our exchanges i spoke fijian like all day! it was awesome! i loved it. so i pray i get to serve there one day haha. 

we went and saw one of our golden investigators this week and gave him a baptism date for 29th of may! we actually gave him the 24th originally but he said his birthday was on the 29th so he asked to be baptized on his birthday. how awesome is that! he also told us that he gave his wife his english book of mormon and she's reading it and really likes it! and today he said she wants to start taking lessons, woohoo!! the sad thing about that we teach him in work and so technically he doesn't live in our boundaries. so since his wife will be taking lessons at home we think it's better for him to take lessons with her sooooooo we'll have to give him to the sisters in that area. we're so sad because he was our best investigator but happy because he will be taking lessons with his wife. he still asks amazing questions. like last night we taught about prophets and all the way up to the restoration. he asked us what the difference between a prophet and an apostle. i've never had an investigator care enough to ask a question like that. but he's amazing and it'll be sad to let him go but exciting to see him and his wife get baptized together.

this week we also had stake conference. it was way fun and cool to see how much the church is growing here in fiji. the topic was "hastening the work." on saturday night at the adult session they let all the youth come because they were talking about missionary work. when the stake president got up to speak at one point in his talk he said, "brothers and sisters we need to hurry up and get on Noah's ark, or else your going to be on the Titanic." i was cracking up! like dying! he's an awesome stake president and we're so lucky to have him in our ward. he helps us a lot with the work and really does well in leading the suva north stake. on sunday we had a broadcast from salt lake that was only to fiji, tonga, and one other place i can't remember. but we had david a. bednar and robert d. hales speak to us and it was way good. i think all of the members enjoyed it.

well i can't believe im coming up on my half way mark! i feel like im still new in the mission and i haven't even started anything yet. its crazy how fast time flies. im definitely getting lost in the work here. i find my mind more focused on what im doing here in the work than other things that i use to worry about before. im definitely seeing a big change in myself. it's awesome! but au lomani iko sara valevu!! loloma yani!!

loloma levu,
sista chong

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