Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Fruitful Week

bula mama!

may day sounding like it was really fun! i missed not going to any may day programs and not seeing everyone wearing leis around on may 1st. but dont worry, i was still thinking about it in my heart :) and by the way....i wear a flower in my ear like everyday. im pretty sure the hibiscus bushes by the temple are going bare because i pick one almost everyday lol. and everywhere i go people call me ms. hibiscus :) i'll take that! haha

anyway...yeah elder wakolo is going next month to be a mission president is arkansas. and i think our mission president comes in at the end of next month of in july. not sure. but we have zone conference tomorrow and it will be Pres. and Sis. Klingler's last one. it's going to be so sad! at the end of every zone conference we have departing testimonies for all the missionaries that are having their last zone conference. and this time it will be the Klinglers sharing their departing testimonies as our mission president. the thing that is horrible is that i live right across and ill be seeing them leave! it's a blessing but at the same time i dont want to see them leave. it'll be hard for all of us and getting use to a new mission president. but im sure he'll be awesome because he is a man called of God and i definitely trust God :) 

well....this week was crazy! we had exchanges last week. (when i was in an area for 5 days) and then we switched back on tuesday when it was transfer day. so we went and picked up and dropped off sisters all over. then, we had to take the new sisters shopping and pick up a sister who flew in from Tonga for a interview at the U.S. embassy for her visa. man! so many people! we had 2 extra sisters staying with us this week and now we're down to one but the craziness just never stops. i guess that's the life of a sister training leader. we also were suppose to have a baptism on saturday but the person didn't come. we talked to him yesterday and he felt really bad and was sorry and just asked us to give him one more chance because he really wants to be a part of this Gospel. we told him that we are only disappointed because we love him and want to see him make those convenants with Heavenly Father so that he can return back to Him. he understood and so we're starting from the beginning. like from the first lesson. he knows what he needs to do and so now it's up to him to actually do it. we'll see how it goes. BUT we should be having a baptism on thursday for our awesome investigator! he had his interview today and he passed! we're so excited :) he has made so many big steps and changes in his life so that he can get baptized. we're so happy and proud of him. 

this week was an awesome proselyting week for us! we picked up 4 new investigators. one was a family which we started teaching. the parents and the eldest daughter who's 8. they already came to church 3 times and we actually met them at church. at a dinner appointment we asked one of our members to pray for a missionary opportunity and find someone that could hear the Gospel. obviously she actually did it and instead of finding us just one, she found us a family! we're so excited to teach them and love their willingness and want to learn more about our Savior Jesus Christ. the fourth new investigator is also a referral from the members. it's a girl who moved here from Kiribati. she's 14 years old and came to go to school and is living with some of our members. she already had lessons there and so we're just asking her questions, seeing how much she remembers, and getting preparing her for baptism. perfect! she's really good though and she has such a kind, sweet spirit. she loves seeing us and wants us to come over like everyday :) we have already given her a baptism date for 7 june. and i know the Lord will help her prepare.

so besides all the crazy things going on we had a very fruitful week. we got new investigators, investigators preparing for baptism, we're back in contact with some of our recent converts who have been MIA for a little while. so i think i can say that it was a wananavu week :) hope all is going well at home. any news? i feel so out of everything over here haha. when does school end? what classes are the kids going to take at summer school? how's the rest of the family doing? well, i think that's all i have for today. love ya! pray for me because i have meetings 3 days in a row!! isa lei!! loloma yani! kalougata tiko!

loloma levu,
sista chong

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