Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Half Way!!!

bula mama!

okay well this week was pretty good. we had exchanges again with some sisters. it was crazy though because we had to switch our schedule like 5 times in one day!! the life as a sister training leader lol. we always have to change our schedule in the last minute because the APs will call us and ask us to do something or tell us that we have someone staying with us that night. it's great! hahaha. it definitely takes some getting use to. 

but this week....first of all ill tell you my embarrassing story of the week. i pretty much proposed to one of our investigators :) isn't that great!!! we were in our lesson and he's suppose to get married to his girlfriend soon before he can get baptized. anyway...we were asking him if we found someone in the church that had the authority to marry, if he would be interested in getting married in the church. he asked how much it would cost and we told him it doesn't cost anything, we just need to find someone with the authority. what i wanted to tell him after that was..."if i had the authority to i would perform the marriage for you and your girlfriend myself." but instead i said, "if i could marry you, i would!!" as soon as it came out of my mouth i was like oh my gosh wait no!! him and sis. pyne was buss laughing at me and i felt so embarrassed. it was a really good thing that we prayed already so i literally just stood up and started walking away. he was like cracking up and calling me. ughhzz i was so embarrassed hahahha! we went back the next day to teach him and as soon as he saw me he just smiled and started laughing. im ruined!! hahahaha!! but whatever such is life i guess lol.

today we got to go to the temple. my first time in like 8 months!! it was so nice to be in the temple again. i needed that peace and quiet and just time to really think and ponder by myself in a place that was so close to my Father in Heaven. i was so grateful to have been able to go inside today and i can't wait for when i go again.

this week we've been really focusing on getting members at our lessons. we've been trying to pick it up since i got here and we're finding more and more people we can take. the other night we were waiting for one of our investigators at the institute and one of the YSA from the other next to us told us that she misses missionary work and the missionaries dont call her to go and so ofcourse we took her! it was so good to have her with us yesterday. and we just got a return missionary in our ward. she just came back from NZ so we'll defs be using her. AND we just got a new ward mission leader. he just got back from the Philippines and is awesome! so im sure our work will move faster now. im excited!!

but that's all i got for this week. everything is going and actually hopefully we'll have 2 baptisms this week. we'll see because they're kind of "iffy" lol. but au lomani kemudou!!

loloma mai,
sista chong

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