Monday, May 19, 2014

My Heart if Full of Gratitude

bula mama!!

my heart is full of gratitude for the love and support of each and everyone of my family members and friends back at home who are supporting me on my mission. i know that these last couple of weeks i've been slacking on my letters but know that i am still constantly thinking about you all and working as hard as i can serving my Father in Heaven. i have just realized that now in my mission i am past my half way mark and am now starting to countDOWN. how scary is that!? i've seen so many thing change in myself and i've seen the love of my Father in Heaven every step of the way.

this week i've been reading through the conference issue of the Liahona. i've been reading through from the beginning trying to find talks that could help my investigators and myself in this work. it's amazing how much you miss during the actual General Conference. i was either half a sleep or they just talk way too fast! haha. but as i've been reading through the Liahona i can just feel the love of my Savior encircling me. He has given us a prophet and these apostles because He loves us and wants us to find our way to the strait and narrow. the more i listen and read the words of these prophets, seers, and revelators the stronger and firmer my testimony grows that they are men truly called of God. i encourage you to read the conference issue of the church magazines so that you can highlight and mark all the parts that influence you the most.

this week i have been on exchanges with the other sisters. we went on a special exchange for our mission president starting friday all the way til today. exchanges have taught me to listen. as a sister training leader a lot of the sisters are scared to go on exchanges and just don't want to do it because they think we're just going on exchanges to find everything that's wrong with their area, what their weaknesses are, and how they're being disobedient. BUT we're trying to change that. everytime i go on exchanges i just tell them im just a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on if they need it. almost every sister or even every missionary goes through a really rough time at one point in their mission and we all know for girls it just gets way crazy and dramaz! so as i've been called to this position i've been doing my very best to just be the sister's best friend. make them laugh and enjoy this missionary work as much as i do. gotta love ga!!

we had a baptism this last week. but because i was on that special exchange i wasn't able to make it. but it was for our investigator, Junior. he's a little 8 year old kid from Kiribas and he's so funny. on the day of his baptism Sis. Pyne told me that it took him like 15 minutes for him to get in the font because he was so scared! in order for him to get in they had to send his cousin in to stand there next to the Elder and then Sis. Pyne and his aunty had to hold his hands walking down the stairs. so funny! but he was finally baptized and confirmed on Sunday. Yaaayyyy!!! the Lord's kingdom is growing here in Fiji!!!! Bro. Saba should hopefully be baptized this Saturday so we'll see :)

okay lastly funny in town there's a place called tapoo city which is like a big american mall. and i went there on exchanges for lunch after a meeting and we had to go up an escalator and it took me about 10 seconds to get one because i haven't ridden one for like almost 10 months now!! i was freaking out!! but dont worry i finally got on and made it safely to this humungous food court!! actually it's the same size as the one at home but to me it was ginormous!! lol okay that's my story moce jo!!
au lomani kemudou!! kalougata tiko!! loloma yani!!

loloma levu,
sista chong 

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