Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Aloha Pres Klingler

bula mama!!

wow that's way cool that everyone is there on oahu!! is it a special something going on?? i know why you're there!! you're all celebrating my 11 month mark!!! hahahahaha!! just joking....its nothing worth celebrating, rather you should all by crying that time is going by so fast.

all the kids look so grown up!! im pretty sure they'll all be almost taller than me by the time i come home, my gosh!! are the boys in the same class again?? how's papa and gramma holding up with all those crazy kids running around?? how's anna holding up?? that's the better question hahaha!!

well life here in the mission is going good. lots of changes happening this week. well, maybe not lots but a big change happened this week....we got a new mission president!! we got to meet them at church yesterday and they're awesome!! im sad that president and sister klingler left, but at the same time im excited to see all the changes and things that will happen in the near future with our new mission president.

also this week we had baptisms. bro and sis khanna got baptized on saturday! they were the indian family that we met at church through a member. their baptism had such a strong spirit there. after they were baptized we sang with them, "i love to see the temple" and then they bore their testimonies. the spirit was so powerful as they bore their testimonies and shared with us what they truly believed about this Gospel. they both said how happy they were to be baptized and to be clean and born again. bro. khanna said that there is no question, he is not turning back!! he is going to do all he can to follow Heavenly Father and His commandments. they're amazing!!

on friday we had the farewell for the klinglers and all the auxiliaries did a cultural dance. the young women did a hula. they danced to the "li hing hula". it was so cute!! they did a good job. it was hard for me not to jam out to the song hahahah!! small kine homesick but i got over it :)

well that's all i got for this week. au lomani kemudou valevu!! loloma yani vei na nomudou matavuvale!! kalougata tiko :)

loloma levu, 
sista chong

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