Monday, July 21, 2014

Christlike Attributes

Storm over the Suva temple

bula mama!!

well i cannot believe how fast these weeks are flying by. it's nearly the end of july already, my goodness!! what happened to the time?? next week there is a sister, sis. tugaga, who is leaving. she was my first sister training leader and she is one of the best examples to me in the mission. i can't believe how fast time flew and she's heading home already at the end of the month. she'll probably be staying with us her last couple nights and i can't wait to see what she has to say about her mission and how she's feeling. i wish her the best!!

this week was pretty crazy though. we were suppose to have a baptism on friday but what happened was the day of her interview we found out that she just got sealed to her parents that day. WHAT!? so we asked her parents and we were talking and they said that they found her records and so she didn't have to get baptized again. my goodness!! we also found out that our investigator that was going to get baptized next week doesn't count as a convert baptism, but a child of record baptism because her parents just got baptized and she's still 8. dont get me wrong, im so happy that she's still getting baptized but we're just not hitting our goals this month. but we'll try our best to make up for it next month!!

not sure if i told you but this quarter, july to september, we're focusing on becoming true disciples of Jesus Christ. in july we chose a christlike attribute that we wanna work on. we fasted about it at the beginning of this month and ive seen a big difference in myself as ive tried to become more like the Savior in that attribute. we also started reading all the "Gospels" and it'll continue into next month. it's my first time reading through the whole thing and i've enjoyed it every minute of it. in august we're going to focus on really teaching like the Savior. using His methods and techniques of teaching and just really trying to teach as if the Savior were our companion. then in september, we're going to be exactly obedient!! we're going to live our lives in harmony with the Savior's. im excited!!

Didn't their moms teach them not to play with their food?
one night we were sitting at dinner and sis. pyne decides that she wants to speak in her "brave" accent. hahaha!! it was so funny i died and couldn't get off the ground for about 10 minutes. it's these little moments that get me through the hard times as a missionary. counting my blessings!! au lomani kemudou!!

loloma levu,
sista chong

Red Snappah fo Dinnah!

Suva Harbor

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