Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Companion and New License

bula mama!!

okay let's start off with the saddest news ever....SIS.PYNE IS LEAVING ME!!! we were so sad when we got the call. the cool/new thing that happened was that Pres. Layton actually called us and told us she was getting transferred and who my new companion was before we even got the transfer call. it was crazy! really cool though. the good thing about the whole thing is that she will be going to Suva 3rd ward, so ill still be going on exchanges with her :) she's just going to be right next door. she's going to be training again, so she'll die training meaning she'll end her mission training :) isa!

a little miracle that happened to me recently. it all started on friday...the mission office told me that they received the paper i needed in order to go get my license, so sis. pyne and i hurried and went to the LTA (transportation office thing) to schedule a driving test for me. we went and the lady told us that the next opening wasn't until 12 aug. we started to panic a little because we had a feeling sis. pyne would be transferred this week and so if i didnt have a license and she left, no car, which means struggle to get to other sister's areas on exchanges. well....we talked to the senior couple who is in charge of all this stuff and asked him what to do. he told us to go back to the LTA today and to just schedule the test for the nearest day. so we went and waited in line for about an hour, just praying there would be an opening. when we first got to the window the lady took copies of all my paperwork and license and passport and stuff and she told me the next opening was probably in august. well....when she opened the appointment book she told me she had an opening on thursday at 330pm. it was a tiny opening and it looked like she just squeezed me in between 2 other appointments. i was so happy when she told me i could test this week!!! blessings!! miracles!! 

last week we had the privilege of elder haleck (1st counselor in the area seventies) and his wife come to visit us here in fiji. on friday morning the zone leaders and us were able to have a small meeting with him and we talked about the mission and some strengths and weaknesses. he gave us counsel on how to be better leaders in the mission. after that, 3 zones were able to go over to the chapel to hear elder and sis. haleck speak to us. it was way good! he talked to us about being Christlike and that we can't just study about Him and read the scriptures, but we have to live like Him. we have to try our best everyday to better ourselves and to follow in His footsteps with exactness. 

we were able to have sis. layton (mission president's wife) come out with us for a day. it was awesome! she loved it! the amazing thing was, that was the only day this week we had no fall-throughs at all. another miracle! we went to see some of our recent converts, less actives, and a few investigators. the Spirit was so strong with her there with us. she even had the opportunity to sit on the ground with us in someone's home. something new for her. it was definitely an unforgettable experience.

well, this week ill have my new companion, sis. matheson. im excited to be with her and to serve with her as sister training leaders. im a little nervous to lead the area because i still dont know where everything is, but we'll learn together :) hahaha!! we'll see how it goes. pray for me, as i take my driving test this week...ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE ROAD!! aaahhhh!!! 

loloma levu,

sista chong

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