Monday, July 14, 2014

Zone Conf with New Mission President

bula mama!!

well another week has gone by here in samabula, fiji. my english is getting worse and worse every day, still getting choke mosquito bites on my leg (goodbye nice beach legs), and sis. pyne and i are still trying to get better tans by going door knocking in the burning fiji sun. i love my life!!!

this week, we had a welcoming zone conference with our new mission president, Pres. Layton, and his wife. it was amazing!! they talked to us about #1 interacting with as many people as we can and leaving a positive impression. they said that it takes about 7 positive contacts from the church before someone develops an interest to learn more. #2 to align ourselves as one with the Father, Son, Holy Ghost, prophet, apostles, our mission president, and then ourselves, the missionaries. if we do this then we won't have to worry if we're doing what we're suppose to or not and we won't have to ask so many questions of what is and is not allowed. whatever it says in "Preach my Gospel" and the white handbook, then that's exactly what Heavenly Father said we need to do. no questions.

we went out with our members a lot this week. since we got our ward mission leader, every correlation meeting, we assign a member/ward missionary to come out with us every day. so we have a member with us almost every day, which is awesome!! i love taking them door knocking. they are always way nervous at first but by the end, they are taking the lead and sharing a little bit about the Gospel. i remember in the beginning of my mission i hated knocking on doors. i was so scared that people would reject me and just shut the door in my face. but now that ive been out a little longer, I LOVE KNOCKING ON DOORS!!! i think it's so fun to meet new people and to find out what they believe, and then to let them know how much our message about the restored Gospel can help them and bless their lives.

one of the referrals we got from our ward was for a 9 year old boy whose mom is a member. she's been working a lot recently on sundays and so she can't come to church. well, we went and visited them and she was so happy that we did. she said it was the first time that missionaries had ever come over to their house without being called. she asked us to come and teach and visit her and her son because she wants him to learn more before he's baptized. we were so happy we found them because you could see the joy on her face when we just walked in the door. instead of her having to call us to visit, we just came on our own and she was so grateful.

so make it a priority to go and visit our less actives from the ward. we can't really do much on sundays so make it a day to go and visit our brothers and sisters who have lost their way. DO YOUR VISITING/HOME TEACHING!!! i know it might be a burden and you think it takes up too much of your time, but always remember that the Lord never complained and he never said, "I'm too busy" to someone in need. the Lord will always bless those who love and take care of their brothers and sisters. au lomani kemudou!! vinaka vakalevu ena nomudou loloma kei na nomudou veivukei ena noqu kaulotu. loloma yani <3

loloma levu,
sista chong


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