Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bula Vinaka!

bula mama!!

well it sounds like you guys had a lot of fun in maui this last week. how's tutu doing out there? she looks good in the pictures. im surprised that papa and grandma went with you. fun!! 

speaking of the kids...i got their pictures and letters today and i loved them. im going to try and write them back this week. how's school going for them? i can't believe summer is over. i feel like it just started, but time is going by way too fast.

well the work here in samabula is going pretty good. we're focusing a lot on less actives now because of the whole change, and we're excited about it. there's a family that the ward gave us to work on and so we're trying to visit them and get them to the temple before it closes in october. we're also visiting another family that hasn't come to church since they were like little kids, and so now we're starting to visit a sister and brother and they're already 24 years old. they have a want to come to church but i think right now they're just scared to because they haven't been there in a long time and they don't have their parents going with them anymore. so we're going really slow with them and hopefully we'll get them back to church soon. 

remember our investigator i was telling you about from samoa?? well he's getting baptized on the 30th of this month hopefully. he is doing really good. he's been through a lot throughout his life and has done lots of things but he is willing to change and be a new person. we taught him the word of wisdom this last week and he told us that he's never going to do any of those things again starting that day. he came to church on sunday and said that he has stayed away from all of that stuff since our lesson. we're so excited for him and his baptism because he's changing as a person and doing everything he can to follow the Savior.

on wednesday we went to a funeral for one of the elder's recent converts. it was a nice funeral. elder johanson gave the closing remarks and gave the best words of comfort for the friends and family that was there. it was held at the chapel and then we all headed up to the cemetery for the burial. when we got up there it started to rain like crazy and here in fiji they still dig the hole and bury the person themselves. so at this certain cemetery, the inmates from the prison do that, kinda weird but yeah. it was a nice funeral. sad but we know she's in a better place now. 

on thursday night we were able to go to the temple to see the johnsons, some recent converts in our ward, go through for the first time. it was such a special night. they were endowed and then sealed for time and all eternity. although they already had a family and were married for a long time, they had that special glow to them. it was such an amazing experience to see recent converts go through the temple. although i didnt teach them the lessons or baptize them, to see how far they've come since ive been here was a blessing. to see people change their lives and become members of the Lord's church and make that first covenant of baptism with their Father in Heaven and then to not give up and make it to the temple is the best thing a missionary can see and experience. that's why im on my seal families for time and all eternity.

okay funny story for this week....last night sis. matheson and i were lying in bed talking when we heard some weird noises like something was rustling through the trash. so we freaked out because we thought it sounded like a mouse and plus we sleep on the ground!! so we get up and sis. matheson asked me if i could see anything and i was like, "aunty! i can't see a thing i dont have my glasses on!!" hahaha so i found my glasses, put um on, and grabbed a book to protect myself. so we creeped around and turned on the light and searched everywhere to make sure there was nothing. and so we left the light on and sat and waited for the sound to come back so we could catch the mouse. well we waited and heard the sound and saw that it was just the curtains blowing past a paper taped on the wall. oile!! we were laughing so hard because we were literally freaking and praying it wasn't a rat. thank goodness it wasn't!!

au lomani kemudou sara valevu!! loloma yani tu ga!!


sista chong

We got soaked at the funeral.

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