Monday, August 4, 2014

Driving in Fiji with a New Companion!

bula mama!!

well this week i literally felt like i was running around like a chicken with his head cut off!! it was crazy because we had a new intake, an outtake, transfers, and all of the above. also i got my drivers liscense on thursday and so im a legal driver here in fiji!!! i can drive on the left side of the road!!! woooohooo :) and the cooler thing about it....i got it on my year mark. so my liscense is valid until my two year mark...if i had one. lol. 

but this week i have definitely started to see the blessings of our hard work. at church yesterday we had 2 of our investigators come to church for the first time. one of them we've been teaching for a long time and she finally came. and the other will be baptized on the 23rd of august hopefully, so she really enjoyed it. it felt like the testimonies that were shared that in sacrament were directly to them. it's amazing how everyone listens to the same Spirit. we also had a member bring a friend to church and we're going to start teaching him on tuesday. 

the new area seventy, Elder Johansen is here and him and the family is in our ward. the family came to church for the first time yesterday. they're from new zealand but the wife is half samoan and said that if we needed any help with translations or anything we could call her and take her with us. so as soon as she said that i turned to sis. matheson and was like "we gotta find us some samoan investigators wherever they are in fiji." and after sacrament we went and shook hands with the member that brought his friend to church and he introduced his friend to us and said he was from samoa and was schooling at FNU. oh my gosh!!! prayer answered!!! and so on tuesday we'll be going to the johansen's house for dinner and our first lesson with him. we're way excited!!

 also, sis. matheson is like way bomb in fijian and i consider her as the answer to my prayers about learning the language. for so long ive been saying i want to learn it better or whatever but just didnt know where to start or how to do it. well, Heavenly Father heard my millions of prayers and sent sis. matheson to me :) ive learned so much from her already!! but probably the thing i learned the most was just go get um!! no shame. just speak fijian whenever you can no matter who it's with. just speak ga!! so im way excited for our companionship. we've had so many good times together already and have not stopped laughing. im excited for the months that lay ahead for us :)

au lomani kemudou sara valevu!! loloma yani!!

sis chong

Suva North Zone Conference

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