Monday, September 15, 2014

A Consecrated Missionary

My Missionary Mom, Sis Ongesel (in pink), heading home.
bula mama!!

well another beautiful day in fiji nei. except this morning the shower heater wasn't working again so i showered in ice cold water, but you know what....that's my normal life now :) but this week was crazy!! there's a new rule in the pacific that elders and sisters aren't allowed to ride in the same car together. sooooooo....what that means is that we have to do all the transfers and stuff for all the sisters. that's why we were crazy busy this week!! on monday we got a new intake, 1 new sister came in, so that wasn't the hard part. then tuesday night we started transferring sisters to their new areas, picking up the sisters leaving, and then dropped the new sister off at her first area. i felt like a soccer mom!!! then wednesday morning we took the sisters going home, dropped them for interviews, picked them to go shopping, dropped them for temple, and then did the rest of the transfers, and then picked up the sisters going home back to the flat. then on thursday we took them last minute shopping and sent them on their way back home. it was really sad to say "goodbye" to my trainer. ofcourse you know me, i cried, but so did sis. ongesel (my trainer). that was probably only the third time ive seen her cry the whole time we've been serving together. i was grateful that i was able to spend time with her before she went home. hopefully she'll come to byuh and ill see her soon.

while we took one of the sisters for her last minute shopping we were walking through the market and a lady, who we found out was a less active member, asked us to pray for her bananas. she told each of us to stand on each side of the table and we had sis. trammell (one of the sisters who went home) pray for that lady. in her prayer she said something like this, "heavenly father, thank you for this day. thank you for this sister here, who gave us some bananas. we love bananas! we hope that everyone else loves bananas, and will come and buy her bananas today......" it was the most interesting prayer ive ever heard, and we were smiling throughout the whole prayer but we have to remember.....Heavenly Father hears ALL prayers :)

this week we also attended a wedding of two return missionaries from the fiji suva mission. it was held at our chapel so we were able to go. the bride was sis. matheson's trainer!!!! and ive served with her as well, and it was crazy to see her getting married. the bride finished in march and the groom finished in may. they were sealed in the temple and will be living in our ward, so we'll get to see them every sunday :) we're excited!! it was so good to see the both of them so happy.

yesterday, we had one of the YSA girls come with us. she loves coming with us!! we were telling her about our schedule and what we would be doing and she was like, "oh my gosh so many appointments!! this is so exciting!!" it got me excited when she said that. it reminded me that missionary work is fun and exciting!! so we had an amazing day with her yesterday and she looks forward to coming with us every weekend.

in my studies this week i read through one of the talks that tina gange gave me before i left. it's called "a consecrated missionary". it talks about how we need to leave everything on the sacrifice altar. such as pride, negativity, laziness, sarcasm, fears, etc. it made me really think about what i was doing so far throughout my mission. there's a lot of things that i haven't fully left on the altar of sacrifice. but im grateful i read this talk, and now im really going to focus on becoming a consecrated missionary. 

ive also been studying a lot a lot about the atonement of Jesus Christ. i love the atonement!!!!!!! i have never felt the power of the atonement so much in my life until these last couple months in my mission. i read a talk called, "His grace is sufficient." it talked about how the grace of Jesus Christ doesn't just fill in the holes or make up for the things that we can't do, but it covers everything!! and as we go through our lives we aren't necessarily trying to pay him back, the price was already paid. rather, we are trying to follow His example, so we change our nature so we feel comfortable living in the presence of God. He talked about the judgment bar and how instead of us begging to live in the Celestial Kingdom, Christ will be begging us to stay, but we'll feel uncomfortable and unworthy to stay. mind blown!!!! it's so true though. we always say the Lord doesn't just love some of us and doesn't just want to save some of us, but He wants to save ALL of us and so we need to use this time to prepare to not only meet God, but feel comfortable in His presence.

well i think that's all for me this week. au lomani kemudou sara valevu!! 

loloma levu,
sista chong

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