Monday, September 22, 2014

Another Busy Week

bula mama!!

i was so happy when you told me about nalei's baptism. i could feel the Spirit from here by just reading about it. the Lord really does prepare the way for those who have a willing heart. since ive been on my mission ive seen that many times the children are a lot more prepared to receive the Gospel then the adults. it's because they are so pure and are willing to the do what their Heavenly Father wants them to do. 

we had a 9 year old baptism as well. a recent convert couple that was baptized in june, their daughter was baptized this last saturday. she was so excited to be baptized!! it literally looked like she just wanted to jump right on in the font haha. it was a special day for her and her family. we've been through a lot with her. she has seizures, or something like that, and so she's a little slower mentally, so that's why she was baptized later then her parents. but as we taught her, it was such a testimony builder to me. it also reminded me how simple the Gospel is. when we taught her, it wasn't like we could tell her everything we knew about the Restoration, or the Plan of Salvation, but we had to do everything very simply so she could understand. that's how simple the Gospel is!! we've seen a tremendous difference in her behavior and everything. she's helping around the house, she listens more to her parents, and she doesn't have her seizures as often. blessings from the Gospel!!

we also did a training for the trainers. it was really good. we trained about companionships. i used the section in uncle shon's letter about companionships. compassion, communicate, compromise, companions. it's helped me so much throughout my mission and so i wanted to share with some other missionaries because i knew it would help them as well. they really enjoyed it and i hope it'll help them as they train.

this week we haven't had much water. there's a drought or something. the water reservoir is low and so they're starting to conserve water. some members told us that they're going to start doing this things where one area will have water one day and then the next day it'll be shut off and there'll be water trucks coming around. it'll probably go til december, or until we get enough rain to fill up the reservoir again. so we've been going to another sister's flat to shower in the morning but mostly we shower out of buckets and bottles. it's great!! hahahaha!!! life learning experiences!!!

on friday we went to visit the people that we planned on visiting and no one was home. we were walking down the driveway of the last house we could think of and were about to get in the car but something told me and my companion that maybe we should just walk around and knock on some doors. we went and knocked on one door, they were nice. then we kept walking and we saw a lady get out of a taxi with a baby and a suitcase. we offered to help her and walked with her to the house. it was way far in, down this path, and we were wondering how in the world she was going to get it down there by herself. when we got to the house, the family let us in and we were talking story and she said that when she got out of the taxi she was wondering how she was gonna carry all that stuff down with the baby. then we showed up!!! she was so grateful!! we were able to share a little message with them and we'll hopefully go back this week. 

im sorry it's not as long as last week but this week went by so fast i dont even know what in the world we did. hahaha!! but i love you all!!!! go serve others!! :)

loloma levu,
sista chong

Helping a Family Move

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