Monday, September 29, 2014

good night....sleep tight. donʻt let the bed bugs bite!!

Lami! The area next door to us! :)

bula mama!!

did you know that bed bugs are real?!?!?! we had exchanges this week and sis. matheson went to their flat while one of the other sisters came and stayed with me in our area. when went to exchange back the next day, sis. matheson got in the car and she was almost crying as she told me the story of all the bed bugs. she said that while she was sitting on the bed talking, she saw a bug and just flicked it off (because there's always bugs in the house in fiji) and then she started to get itchy but thought it was mosquitoes. so then they were getting ready for bed and the lights are off and she starts scratching even more. the sister passed out already and she was there alone, in the dark, getting eaten alive by bed bugs!! she then took her pillow to the bathroom and started pulling off all the bed bugs that were on there. when she went back in the bed room she decided she was gonna just sleep on the ground. but still she was itchy like crazy!! she went back to the bathroom, took the bed bugs off her sheet, pillow, clothes, everything!! she went back to the room and thought that if she sleeps in the corner, furthest away from the bed, she would be okay. nope!! so she gave up and just read an ensign and finally fell asleep at about 430am, and had to wake up at 630am. she probably got about 200 bug bites that night!!! i felt so bad for her. but she's such a strong girl, but we're definitely not going back to that flat. so remember.....BED BUGS ARE REAL!!

this week we also had mission leadership council. we had elder and sister taylor, who is the mental health doctor for the whole pacific, come and talk to us. i learned so much!! he talked to us about companionships. it was like almost the same exact thing that we said in our training last week in train the trainers. amazing!! he talked about doing things because we want to...not because we have to. if we think like that, then we'll do more things with a better attitude. so that's something that im going to work on...doing things because i want to, not because i have to.

but from that meeting we have gotten a lot more phone calls from district and zone leaders for our help with the sisters. it's definitely making us busier than we already were. but it's a good busy. definitely helping me get lost in the work. i have no time to think about anything else. we are focusing on going on exchanges with all 9 companionships we cover every transfer cycle (every 6 weeks). so we're definitely staying busy :)

we were teaching one of our investigators the plan of salvation this week and it finally clicked how amazing this plan is!! there are no missing pieces, there's no way to get out of anything. it is complete and it all makes sense!! as i was baring my testimony at the end of the lesson, i was sharing how important modern revelation is because without it we wouldn't have this full plan. i started to take out all the pieces that we wouldn't have if it weren't for modern revelation to the prophet Joseph Smith. as i slowly took one piece at a time, it finally came down to just earth life and death. that's all!! i asked our investigator if this the kind of plan she wants for her life. she was looked at me like i was crazy and said, "ofcourse not!! that's like nothing!!" i then bore my testimony of the importance of the Restoration of this Gospel of the revelation given to the prophet Joseph Smith. how lucky we are to know the entire plan, it's not a secret!!

well that's about all that happened this week that i can remember. we had water this week! and some rain so hopefully our pipes won't go dry again lol. or bring out the buckets hahaha. au lomani kemudou!! 

loloma levu,
sista chong

Sister P-Day Stuff

"Luve ni ika" or "offspring of fish".  Fish eggs - Straight from the fish and still in the tubes. 

Face masks with the Ba Sisters! Sister Laru and Sister Mauga. 

went on exchanges with the newest sister in the mission....sis. malito!

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