Sunday, September 7, 2014

Progress in Suva

bula mama!

like you i am so grateful for the Gospel in my life and the knowledge that we have to know that we will be together forever. death is nothing but a minor bump in the road. but because of the atonement of our Savior we will overcome death just like He did and be made perfect, ready for the Celestial Kingdom. 

this week was a good week. in church yesterday our recent convert who just got baptized yesterday, received the Aaronic priesthood. he had such a big smile on his face and he's now on his way to preparing for a mission. we also had a baptism on saturday. she was so prepared! we found her by knocking on her door and she was ready to be baptized within 1 1/2 months. she has an amazing and powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon. she is now starting to share it with her sister and her other family members. when we went to her house for our lesson the day before her baptism, she told us about a dream that she had. she said she was reading the Book of Mormon that night and then fell asleep. in her dream she was walking like on her way to her baptism. while she was walking, everyone asked her why she was getting baptized in this church and how did she know it was true. she said she had the Book of Mormon in her hand and told them, "if you want to know why im getting baptized and how i know it's true, read this book." her sister then shook her and woke her up and told her that she was waving her Book of Mormon in the air as she was sleeping. hahaha! when she told us about her dream i was amazed and happy to know that now she had no shame in what she's doing. she said before people would ask her why she's taking lessons and stuff and she would just be quiet. now she tells everyone exactly why she's doing what she's doing and tells them to read the Book of Mormon if they want to know for themselves.
when she came to her baptism, she had the hugest smile on her face. she said she has been waiting for this moment for a long time and couldn't sleep the night before. she was ready.

after she was baptized she shared her testimony about the Book of Mormon to everyone that was there. she talked about the first time she read and the feeling that she gets when she reads the Book of Mormon. it strengthened my testimony and reminded me of the power that's in the Book of Mormon. so many times we take it for granted, but we have to remember that it's the Book of Mormon that helps everyone to know that this is the Church of Jesus Christ and that it was restored by the Prophet Joseph Smith. everything we know all comes down to the Book of Mormon. so i challenge you to read the Book of Mormon everyday!! don't just read it but do what it asks us to, read, ponder, and pray about it. always ask to know it's true so you get a confirmation everytime but the Holy Ghost that it's the word of God. 

we also had zone training meeting this last tuesday. the zone leaders asked sis. matheson and i to give a training. we focused it on helping our investigators to gain that desire to learn the Gospel. we talked a lot about the way we present the message. if we're not excited and happy about the message we carry, why would anyone else be? we need to show them the true happiness the comes from the Gospel. that's why we're here! we partaken of the fruit and now we desire for everyone else to do the same. at the end of the training i might have gotten a little bold but at after the meeting a lot of the missionaries came up to me and said thanks for being straight up because they just needed someone to tell um straight. so im glad i was "real." 

well, i think that's all for this week. the weeks go by so fast now, i dont even remember what happens lol. but au lomani kemudou sara valevu!! 

loloma levu,
sista chong

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