Sunday, October 19, 2014

Getting Transfered!

bula mama!!
well i finally watched conference!!! it was amazing as usual!! also im getting transferred!! also i got a call from the office on friday asking what airport i was flying home to. and lastly, i got into a mini car accident on saturday!! so you can see i had a fun filled week.
so let's start with transfers. i have been released as a sister training leader and i will now be training and white washing an area. can you believe this will be my last area!? anyway let's not think about that. but im not moving too far from samabula, im actually still in the same zone/stake. i dont know who i will be training yet. there are 3 new sisters coming in today and the funny thing is i have to take them shopping in town and so im gonna get to know them real good so that no matter which one i train, we'll be friends already haha. so im actually white washing an elder's area. so we'll see how that goes. im a little nervous, okay very nervous, but i know the Lord will help me!
so the car accident.....dont worry nothing major, im fine!! we were driving to pick up our member present and we were about to turn right off of the main highway when all of a sudden we heard like tires skidding. and i looked in my rear view mirror and saw this taxi just coming right at us. and then *BOOM* he hit us from the back. we didnt know what to do so we pulled over and he did too and we talked and had to call the police for a police report for the church records and stuff. so we called the police and waited there for 1 hour!!! no one came!!!! PLUS while we were waiting this fijian guy walked out of the house we were parked in front of and he was real nice until he started preaching to us. seriously!! i was not in the mood to be bible bashed!! so we just let him go off and finally decided that we were just gonna drive down to the police station. so we went there and the police got mad at us because i guess the law in fiji is if you get in an accident you just park your car right there, dont move! even if you cause traffic or anything you just stay there. but we got all that taken care of and only had time to do one lesson after that. goodness!
now conference!! sis. matheson and i felt like it was christmas!! we were so excited!! i enjoyed how a lot of the talks were about parenting, coming unto Christ, sustaining the prophet, and the sacrament. i could write a whole book about what i learned but what i want to share with you is the talks about the sacrament. one of the questions i had going into conference was "what can i do more to finish my mission strong?" the talks about sacrament were given i knew that as a missionary i needed to focus more on the sacrament. really thinking about the bread and water and what they represent. i want to make the sacrament a truly spiritual experience, a holy communion, and a renewal of my soul. i like how sister cheryl a. espin said that when we ponder during sacrament, we dont just think about all the mistakes we made and the temptations we gave into, but we need to think of all the opportunities that the Savior gave us throughout the week. when she said this it made me think about an experience i had about a month ago. we were on exchanges and had all fall throughs. no one was home and no one wanted to see us so i was like okay we'll go to this less actives house that ive never met. the one chinese family on our list. so we went. as we pulled up the son was right by the gate. so we were able to set a time to visit him and his family. that was an opportunity the Savior gave me because that family is never outside!! so we went back that Sunday and met that boy's uncle who is not a member and you know what!! now he is going to be baptized on sunday!!!!! right opportunity from the Lord. lastly, i loved when sis. espin talked about when the aaronic priesthood passes the sacrament. when they stretch out their arms to pass the sacrament, they are representing the Savior, as if He were stretching out His arms to us and telling us to come unto Him and be made clean. what a thought!! i loved that!! 
well i hope that you have watched all the sessions of conference! there's good stuff in every single one. remember to sustain our beloved prophet by standing behind him and praying for him. au lomani kemudou sara valevu!! sota tale na macawa mai qo!! moce jo!

loloma levu,
sista chong

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