Monday, October 6, 2014

Strengthening the Members

bula mama!!
well, we're a little early today because we're going to pacific harbor as a zone. i think it's like a beach or something but lucky us....we can't go swimming!! ugh!! dont know if i like this idea or not but then i remembered that not everyone has a beach to go to when they get home hahaha!! but ill take plenty pictures for you when we go. not very good beach weather but whatevs, charge large!!
this week was a pretty crazy and stressful week. we went on 3 exchanges because we're trying to hit all 9 companionships we cover before the next transfer which is in about 2 weeks. we have another 3 this week and then we get a little break and only have to do 2 next week. also sis. matheson and i are really having a hard time because we cannot find people to teach! we have been parking our cars at home and walking down the roads just trying to talk to as many people as we can. actually on thursday we did this on exchanges. i had sis. levave with me, who is in her like 10th week of training. we saw a man raking the grass in his compound and so we were walking over there to see if he needed any help. well....we saw his son about 7 years old maybe and waved at him as we walked to the fence. he just looked at us and put up his fist like he wanted to fight us. i was like oh my gosh this crazy child!! so we started to walk away and i turned to look at the kid and he was picking up rocks and started throwing them at us! some people's kids!!! i was like what in the world...AND...his dad didn't do anything about it. and then as we continued walking we decided to cross the street and as soon as we did a dog came running out of the first house and so i turned right back around and crossed back over. this one fijian lady walking by saw and was laughing so hard, so we joked around with her and started to talk to her more. so im not a real big fan of street contacting right now.
we met with our bishop yesterday in church and he asked us to go and start visiting the members. he said that we need to start to try to strengthen the members in our ward so that when we either bring people back or bring new investigators to church they can feel the spirit there in the chapel. so that's something we're going to start doing a lot more. hopefully as we do this the members will start to want to share the Gospel to their friends and family. i encourage you all to do the same!! think about how much the Gospel has blessed your lives and how you want it to bless your best friend's life just as much.
we also had one of our recent converts bring her sister to church yesterday. it was amazing!! we didn't even tell her to do that. her and her sister had been reading the book of mormon together and already in 2 nephi. and then yesterday they both came to church and stayed all 3 hours. her sister's oldest daughter, about 4 yrs old, loved primary!! which i was so happy about!! we took the sister to sunday school where she actually shared and felt really comfortable. then we took her to relief society and the lesson was about the 10 virgins. it was about the little things we need to do, to add more oil to our lamps. i think she really enjoyed her time in church and hopefully she'll be ready to learn more soon.
we did a training this week as well and talked about matt. 11:28-30. how we need to yoke ourselves with Christ. how we need to take all the worries that we can't do anything about today and cross it off our list. we need to focus on the things that we can change right now and only if we yoke ourselves with Christ and seek His help. we also talked about how as missionaries we are more stressed then ever before, even though this is the Lord's work. but it's because as missionaries we also learn to rely more fully on the Lord and really yoke ourselves with Him. we need to become like Him, follow Him, so that we are right in line with him. 
well, i hope you're all doing amazing!! life is going good here. au lomani kemudou!! 
loloma levu,
sista chong

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