Sunday, October 12, 2014

This is how we do it!

bula mama!
well this week was crazy as always. on monday we got to go to pacific harbor, which was way fun. we played volleyball, rugby, and football on the beach. also sis. matheson and i built a sand turtle, named him "Mong." haha. but we were playing volleyball a little bit and then the elders started to play football so i jumped in. the only sister. and you know it has it's
advantages because as missionaries we gotta keep our distance, elders and sisters, you know? so
all i had to do was get about an arm distance away from the elders and they were down. (we were playing touch that's why) and then when i had the ball they would get too nervous to come too close hahaha!! so you know what.....i scored 2 touchdowns!! they thought girls can't catch,  well they learned they're lesson after i scored twice lol. it was a lot of fun!! it reminded me a lot of home, plenty temptation to jump in the water, but good thing i love being a missionary so much!! haha

oh yeah....well we were driving to the beach which was like a 45 minute drive and guess what happened. i got my first speeding ticket!!!!!!!!! of my life!!!!!!!! it was so scary, i thought i was gonna get arrested but then i remembered that's not how things work for speeding lol. but you know what i was only going 64kph in a 50kph area. that's only 8mph over the speed limit!!!! but no matter, i still had to pay for my speeding ticket haha. good thing im friends with the senior elder in charge of the cars and stuff :)

for family home evening we went to our recent convert's house and had family home evening with her and her sister who came to church for the first time last week. it was a good lesson. we talked about temples and how important they are because their family can be together forever. after they fed us and my goodness i almost fell over and died, they made us eat so much!!! haha.

on friday it was fiji day!! so pretty much no one wanted to see us unless we were just there to eat hahah nah but i think that's what they were really thinking but they're just too nice. but we worked hard this week and were able to get 2 new investigators!! which is a huge success for us. we've been really trying to find new investigators for a long time and i feel that since we've been doing our part, the Lord is now blessing us and helping us. 

a huge lesson that i learned this week from many things that happened is, there's always
someone else in this world that has it worse than you. recently, ive been really low because we haven't been able to find people to teach and just so many things ive been worrying about and stressing about. but this week i learned first hand that i don't have it the worst! not at all! it
was kind of a slap in my face and a good lesson learned that i need to stop worrying about myself and just serve others and forget about myself.

on thursday we didn't have any electricity, which is very common here in fiji. but we ended cooking dinner in the candle light. it was fun!! we made curry, tomato chutney, and it was delicious!! good times. 

but that's all for this week. one more week before the next transfer. let you know if im staying or going next week. loloma yani!!

loloma levu,
sista chong

Our Beautiful Hawaiian Girl

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