Monday, October 27, 2014

Training in Lami!

bula mama!!

well im gonna be honest, this was a long week!!! i swear we did so much this week. partially because i had to help sis. matheson with transfers all day wednesday and so we woke up at about 430am two days in a row!! and you know how i am waking up early in the morning hahaha! but we made about 3 or 4 runs to the airport to pick up and drop off different sisters and then we were just driving back and forth transferring all the sisters to their new area. then finally we are here in our new area :) I LOVE IT!!! 

my new companion is sis. crichton and she is from australia. she came pre-trained!! no joke. she has just jumped into the work and is getting the hang of things already. sometimes i forgot that im training her because it's like she's been out for a while. until she says, "ummm what are we suppose to be doing now?" then i remember that she's still in training and is still learning missionary life haha. but she's awesome! our first lesson together she was already teaching right along side me which im so grateful. we get along a little too well haha. people probably think we're crazy when they see us walking down the road because we're always laughing and jumping around. so fun! also everyone thinks we're sisters or cousins or something. it's way funny.

our new area, lami 2nd is amazing! the members that we were able to meet so far were so nice and they showed us around a little. it's an english ward but everyone speaks fijian!! our first day in the area i was kind of overwhelmed because i didn't speak fijian in my last area, but now that's all we speak. and i love it!! it's fun helping sis. crichton learn fijian. she has a desire to learn and im learning as well! i already feel my fijian getting better and better everyday that we go out and meet members or just anyone. 

on thursday it was our first full proselyting day together in lami. so we looked at our map and picked an area called "qauia" and decided we were just gonna follow the map there and wander around. so that's what we did. one of the members we met the night before was so nice and dropped us at qauia and then we just walked in and wandered around BY THE SPIRIT :) we called one of our investigators that lived there and were able to go visit her and found out she was getting baptized on saturday! so good thing we went and saw her. then she told us she wanted to be baptized by one of the members that lived pretty close. so we went to their house looking for him and found like 3 houses full of members!! what a blessing and a miracle! we met a huge family that were all members and they helped us to find some other members and even one of our less actives. it was definitely a day of miracles.

so if you haven't noticed yet, yes i am walking again. haha! me and sis. crichton are on the same level, both out of shape. it's her first time walking long distances (like all the missionaries when they first get here) and ive been driving in a car for 6 months. soooooo we're working on it together. the first day we walked we were both dripping with sweat and it looked like we just ran a marathon and really we only walked for like 20 minutes lol. but it gets easier and easier. but its been raining everyday!! saturday we were walking to qauia village and it was pouring! by the time we got to our appointment (who wasn't home) it looked like we didn't even use an umbrella at all! haha it was fun though...sis. crichton had a lot of fun. to start of our new area we had 2 baptisms on sunday. they were suppose to be on saturday but there was no water in the chapel so we had to move it. so sunday we had the baptism and it was really special. good thing we could find those 2 investigators before the baptism haha. but the ward was very supportive, so im grateful. 

well that's about it for me today. i love my new area!! i love my companion!! and i love my mission!! maybe not walking in the pouring rain so much but we can't have everything we want :) au lomani kemudou sara valevu!! sota tale na macawa mai qo!!

loloma levu,
sista chong

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