Monday, November 24, 2014

Bula Maleka!


bula mama!
well this week was a pretty busy week for us! we were working hard all day from morning until we had to go home at 9pm. we felt like we didnt have enough hours in the day to visit all the people we wanted to. 

yesterday at church we had some people come to church that we never expected. one of them being a guy we never taught yet, but one of the members brought him. another one was a lady who met the elders yesterday and told them that she wanted to go to church. so they told her the times and she came to our ward because she doesn't speak fijian. so now we're going to start teaching her!! yaaayyy! she has been through a lot and im so excited to get to know her better and see the Gospel bless her life.

this week there was a girl in our ward that came home from her mission in the Philippines. we went to her homecoming dinner at their home. they had sooooo much food!! (ill send you pictures) but i was watching her all night and she just looked so sad and lost. like she only wanted to talk to us about the work and how everything was going. she scared me man!! but it was cool to hear her testimony on sunday. she shared about how much she learned to rely on the Savior and His Atonement and to use the strength that comes from it to get through the hard times. and it made me think about myself and how ive learned the same thing. to truly rely on the strength of the Lord when i feel i can't go any further or do anything more.
as a mission we're reading through preach my gospel and marking every scripture that's in it. we're trying to finish it before christmas. but this week i was reading through chapter 4 which is "recognizing the Spirit." as i was reading through it i got stuck on the section that talked about the Spirit of Promise. i never really heard about it so i decided to take some extra time and study it more. it took me took D&C and i learned that it's the spirit of promise that seals the covenants we make in this life for the life to come by those who hold the keys to do so. i also learned that when we dont keep our covenants then that sealing doesn't exist anymore. how scary is that!? it made me think, am i keeping all the covenants ive made so far? what can i do to make sure i keep my covenants? so i challenge you to ask yourself that question and really think if you're keeping all the covenants you've made.

one day as we were walking to one of our appointments and we saw this old palagi lady standing by her window. so we waved at her and she told us to come in. when we went inside she was very nice and she introduced us to her son, who had some real crazy long hair. as we were talking to them, we got real excited and thought we would possibly have new investigators......but oh how wrong we were. after a couple minutes she started asking us the same questions that she asked us when we first got there, we realized she had short term memory loss. and then her son started bible bashing us and talking about all these things in the bible that i had no idea what he was talking about. after a while we realized that we wouldn't be getting 2 new investigators, but we were grateful that we met them :) they gave us some good laughs for the day.

well i think that's all for this week. just plenty lessons. and many more to come this week. good to come us busy :) au lomani kemudou!! sota tale!!

loloma levu,
sista chong

Monday, November 17, 2014

A Great Week

Hawaiians in the House

bula mama!!

well this week was amazing!! we had mission tour. which is when one of the area seventy presidency comes and goes around our mission visiting different areas and speaking to us. i dont know if you remember but last year elder pearson came, and this year we had elder haleck. he was the one that spoke about the sacrament in this last general conference. but he and his wife came to talk to us and visit our mission. sis. haleck and sis. layton talked to us about simplifying our teaching so that our investigators understand better. they talked to us about asking inspired questions, using object lessons, making sure we use words they understand, especially the Gospel terms. it really helped and so that's what we're focusing on a lot now. 

MTC Intake
we then had elder haleck and pres. layton talk to us about using our missions to prepare us for the rest of our lives. it was pretty intense but it really opened my eyes and helped me to see how important it is to do everything you possibly can on your mission. they also talked a lot about exact obedience. which is something that my companion and i have been working on and i must say we're doing pretty well. lol. but you know there's always room for improvement. so we're going to really focus on being exactly obedient so we can get the most out of our missions. they helped us to see the lessons we've learned in our missions. things like learning how to study effectively, the power of prayer, blessings and miracles that come from obedience, and so many more. something that the mission has taught me was to grow up. haha! it's taught me that i needed to develop my own testimony and to lean on my own faith and beliefs. i've learned to really appreciate the Restoration of this Gospel. it was an awesome mission tour!! also i got to see a lot of missionaries ive served with before and also elder nawahine.

we also had stake conference this last weekend. we got to go on sunday only because it was out of our area and the theme was "hastening the work of the Lord." there were really good speakers. one of the speakers was the principal of the LDS college and he talked about how we need to make sure that before we go out and convert others we need to first convert our souls. he talked about how our spirituality level never just stays the same. we're either strengthening our testimonies and becoming more converted or it's slowly disappearing. so we need to constantly be increasing and strengthening our faith and testimonies. then pres. and sis. layton talked. sis. layton talked about how when we have something exciting then we just die to tell other people, and that's how we should feel with the Gospel. pres. layton told the story of Joseph Smith and how the same church Christ established is back on the earth again and how lucky we are to be a part of it and to be living at this time. it was a really good talk for our investigator.

A-Town Represent!!
as for lami this week it was awesome!! we went around with a member and just went looking for former investigators and we found about 5!!! they were really excited to see us and are looking forward to seeing us and having lessons again. so we're way stoked and excited to sit down with them tomorrow. 

lastly i had an elder ask me if i was from the "ghetto" of hawaii. hahahaha!! he asked where i was from
and i told him hawaii and then as i was talking to him and other missionaries he was like, "um sis. chong are you from the ghetto of hawaii?" what in the world!? lol he said it was because of the way i talk so i guess i just sound like a ghetto girl!!!! as you can see not much has changed :) well au lomani kemudou sara valevu!! 

loloma levu,
sista chong

p.s. on saturday it was burning hot!! no joke!! i have the worse tan lines ever!! ill take a pics and send it next week. lol everyone thought we went to the beach or something hahahaha

My Mission Daughters

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Missionary in Fiji.... Now that's the Life!!

bula mama!!

i can't believe that you guys are in disneyland again!! that's like what...the tenth time!! my goodness. but it doesn't matter because im in the best place in the world. haha...but really. a missionary in fiji.... now that's the life!!

but this week just flew right by!! i can't believe it's monday already. we had exchanges this week and so when you have something out of the ordinary in your schedule it just makes the days fly right by. it's ridiculous!! but im enjoying every minute of lami. the other day we went and visited our investigator, whose husband is a member, and we taught her about the Restoration. when we walked out of that lesson we didn't feel very good about it and we felt like we could've taught it a whole lot better then we did. so we studied and role played the next couple days until we were going back on saturday for our next lesson. as we taught the lesson you could feel the Spirit there. you could tell that it was something very different and new to her and it's going to take her a while to receive her answer. in that same lesson we committed her to be baptized when she came to know these things were true and she accepted. she said it'll take her some time but when she receives her answer, she will be baptized. 

we also went and taught another one of our investigators who the elders before us made a notes saying that she asks plenty questions!! so ofcourse me and my companions are like "oh yeah!" haha so we went and asked her if she had any questions about the plan of salvation, which was her last lesson. she had a couple really good questions. she asked us to explain more about the 3 kingdoms and the differences, she asked us, if there's a guy who does everything that was right and just but just didnt have a religion compared to another guy who had a religion and was baptized and everything but sinned and then repented all the time, which one would Jesus Christ take? as soon as she asked that question the talk, "his grace is sufficient" came into my mind. we explained to her that Christ doesn't only want some of us, but all of us! he's going to ask us to use His Atonement in our lives. also that first guy would have the chance to be baptized in the spirit world. as we answered her question it helped her realize and see that Heavenly Father's plan is perfect!! there are no loop holes!! isn't that amazing!? Heavenly Father loves us so much that he doesn't leave us wondering, but gives us a way that if we follow it, we will return to Him. 

on thursday we went and did service for this one fijian family. the have a teitei (farmland) kind of by their house and they took us out there to go cute the grass and weeds growing around their dalo and cassava and stuff. so we went to do that, oh yeah and did i mention that we did all this with a cane knife!! so you see 4 sister missionaries, obviously not from fiji, walking to the teitei, each with a cane knife in their hand. what a sight aye!! lol but we worked out there for like 2 hours and i got so dark! and the worse tan lines! ugh but it was a lot of fun. the old fijian lady that we helped is bu bibi. she's like this cute, old fijian lady, that's hunched over because she worked in the teitei her whole life. but we kept telling us, "dou sa oca, sa rauta!" which means, "if you guys are tired, then enough." haha she was such a funny lady. she sang to us and just kept talking and at the end she had her grandson climb the coconut tree and get us some coconuts to have after we worked. it was nice :)

we're still trying to find all of our investigators from the elders before, but they dont answer their phones and stuff so we're hoping a member will show us their house this week. im making every day count :) crazy how fast time is going. it's already november, say what!? and in sacrament our ward is already singing christmas hymns....making me nervous hahaha!! well au lomani kemudou!!

loloma levu,
sista chong

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Work in Fiji Continues

Dinner at Bishop's

bula mama!!

well nothing really new this week. we're still wandering around with the Spirit hahaha! it's really fun :) and we've been able to meet so many different people from it. 

this week we were able to visit a husband that's less active, but his wife and kids are not members. he came to church last week for the first time in over 20 years and he told our bishop that he is committed and is ready to come back. so we went and visited his family on saturday. before we walked out of the flat we said a prayer (as usual) and then something told me to grab 2 book of mormons. so i went and grabbed them before we left. when we got to their house we talked story and got to know them and then we started our lesson. as soon as we finished the opening prayer the husband asked us where they could get a book of mormon. when he asked that inside i was like "oh my gosh!! this is crazy!! i got 2 book of mormons in my bag!!" so i opened my bag and gave them to him. i told him that something told me to grab them before we walked out the door and now i knew why. he was so touched and we started to teach him and his wife more about the book of mormon. we shared with them moroni 10:3-5 and they both committed to start reading it as a family. we then invited them to church and he was like, "dont worry sisters, im never missing another sunday."

the next day was sunday and we walked into the chapel and guess who was sitting there already.....the whole family!!!! he brought his wife and kids with him to church!!! oh my gosh my companion and i wanted to just like jump up and down and scream haha. best feeling ever!!

we are also teaching another less active. he's an older man and has been a member for a while. we taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ this week and the Spirit was so powerful!! it made me realize how important it is for us to endure to the end. enduring to the end is what we pretty much do our whole lives!! if we dont endure to the end then we can't go back to our Heavenly Father. it is such an important step that we need to take. it hit me real hard in that lesson and i told myself that i will do everything i can for the rest of my life to endure to the end.

well i love you all!! sorry it's a little short this week. ill do my best to write more next week, but no promises :) hahaha au lomani kemudou!!

This Toko, aka TOKS!

This is Kanani!  We 'olelo in Hawaiian.  hahahaha.
Fijian kid's favorite game "Vaqiqi Taia"