Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Missionary in Fiji.... Now that's the Life!!

bula mama!!

i can't believe that you guys are in disneyland again!! that's like what...the tenth time!! my goodness. but it doesn't matter because im in the best place in the world. haha...but really. a missionary in fiji.... now that's the life!!

but this week just flew right by!! i can't believe it's monday already. we had exchanges this week and so when you have something out of the ordinary in your schedule it just makes the days fly right by. it's ridiculous!! but im enjoying every minute of lami. the other day we went and visited our investigator, whose husband is a member, and we taught her about the Restoration. when we walked out of that lesson we didn't feel very good about it and we felt like we could've taught it a whole lot better then we did. so we studied and role played the next couple days until we were going back on saturday for our next lesson. as we taught the lesson you could feel the Spirit there. you could tell that it was something very different and new to her and it's going to take her a while to receive her answer. in that same lesson we committed her to be baptized when she came to know these things were true and she accepted. she said it'll take her some time but when she receives her answer, she will be baptized. 

we also went and taught another one of our investigators who the elders before us made a notes saying that she asks plenty questions!! so ofcourse me and my companions are like "oh yeah!" haha so we went and asked her if she had any questions about the plan of salvation, which was her last lesson. she had a couple really good questions. she asked us to explain more about the 3 kingdoms and the differences, she asked us, if there's a guy who does everything that was right and just but just didnt have a religion compared to another guy who had a religion and was baptized and everything but sinned and then repented all the time, which one would Jesus Christ take? as soon as she asked that question the talk, "his grace is sufficient" came into my mind. we explained to her that Christ doesn't only want some of us, but all of us! he's going to ask us to use His Atonement in our lives. also that first guy would have the chance to be baptized in the spirit world. as we answered her question it helped her realize and see that Heavenly Father's plan is perfect!! there are no loop holes!! isn't that amazing!? Heavenly Father loves us so much that he doesn't leave us wondering, but gives us a way that if we follow it, we will return to Him. 

on thursday we went and did service for this one fijian family. the have a teitei (farmland) kind of by their house and they took us out there to go cute the grass and weeds growing around their dalo and cassava and stuff. so we went to do that, oh yeah and did i mention that we did all this with a cane knife!! so you see 4 sister missionaries, obviously not from fiji, walking to the teitei, each with a cane knife in their hand. what a sight aye!! lol but we worked out there for like 2 hours and i got so dark! and the worse tan lines! ugh but it was a lot of fun. the old fijian lady that we helped is bu bibi. she's like this cute, old fijian lady, that's hunched over because she worked in the teitei her whole life. but we kept telling us, "dou sa oca, sa rauta!" which means, "if you guys are tired, then enough." haha she was such a funny lady. she sang to us and just kept talking and at the end she had her grandson climb the coconut tree and get us some coconuts to have after we worked. it was nice :)

we're still trying to find all of our investigators from the elders before, but they dont answer their phones and stuff so we're hoping a member will show us their house this week. im making every day count :) crazy how fast time is going. it's already november, say what!? and in sacrament our ward is already singing christmas hymns....making me nervous hahaha!! well au lomani kemudou!!

loloma levu,
sista chong

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