Monday, November 24, 2014

Bula Maleka!


bula mama!
well this week was a pretty busy week for us! we were working hard all day from morning until we had to go home at 9pm. we felt like we didnt have enough hours in the day to visit all the people we wanted to. 

yesterday at church we had some people come to church that we never expected. one of them being a guy we never taught yet, but one of the members brought him. another one was a lady who met the elders yesterday and told them that she wanted to go to church. so they told her the times and she came to our ward because she doesn't speak fijian. so now we're going to start teaching her!! yaaayyy! she has been through a lot and im so excited to get to know her better and see the Gospel bless her life.

this week there was a girl in our ward that came home from her mission in the Philippines. we went to her homecoming dinner at their home. they had sooooo much food!! (ill send you pictures) but i was watching her all night and she just looked so sad and lost. like she only wanted to talk to us about the work and how everything was going. she scared me man!! but it was cool to hear her testimony on sunday. she shared about how much she learned to rely on the Savior and His Atonement and to use the strength that comes from it to get through the hard times. and it made me think about myself and how ive learned the same thing. to truly rely on the strength of the Lord when i feel i can't go any further or do anything more.
as a mission we're reading through preach my gospel and marking every scripture that's in it. we're trying to finish it before christmas. but this week i was reading through chapter 4 which is "recognizing the Spirit." as i was reading through it i got stuck on the section that talked about the Spirit of Promise. i never really heard about it so i decided to take some extra time and study it more. it took me took D&C and i learned that it's the spirit of promise that seals the covenants we make in this life for the life to come by those who hold the keys to do so. i also learned that when we dont keep our covenants then that sealing doesn't exist anymore. how scary is that!? it made me think, am i keeping all the covenants ive made so far? what can i do to make sure i keep my covenants? so i challenge you to ask yourself that question and really think if you're keeping all the covenants you've made.

one day as we were walking to one of our appointments and we saw this old palagi lady standing by her window. so we waved at her and she told us to come in. when we went inside she was very nice and she introduced us to her son, who had some real crazy long hair. as we were talking to them, we got real excited and thought we would possibly have new investigators......but oh how wrong we were. after a couple minutes she started asking us the same questions that she asked us when we first got there, we realized she had short term memory loss. and then her son started bible bashing us and talking about all these things in the bible that i had no idea what he was talking about. after a while we realized that we wouldn't be getting 2 new investigators, but we were grateful that we met them :) they gave us some good laughs for the day.

well i think that's all for this week. just plenty lessons. and many more to come this week. good to come us busy :) au lomani kemudou!! sota tale!!

loloma levu,
sista chong

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