Monday, November 3, 2014

The Work in Fiji Continues

Dinner at Bishop's

bula mama!!

well nothing really new this week. we're still wandering around with the Spirit hahaha! it's really fun :) and we've been able to meet so many different people from it. 

this week we were able to visit a husband that's less active, but his wife and kids are not members. he came to church last week for the first time in over 20 years and he told our bishop that he is committed and is ready to come back. so we went and visited his family on saturday. before we walked out of the flat we said a prayer (as usual) and then something told me to grab 2 book of mormons. so i went and grabbed them before we left. when we got to their house we talked story and got to know them and then we started our lesson. as soon as we finished the opening prayer the husband asked us where they could get a book of mormon. when he asked that inside i was like "oh my gosh!! this is crazy!! i got 2 book of mormons in my bag!!" so i opened my bag and gave them to him. i told him that something told me to grab them before we walked out the door and now i knew why. he was so touched and we started to teach him and his wife more about the book of mormon. we shared with them moroni 10:3-5 and they both committed to start reading it as a family. we then invited them to church and he was like, "dont worry sisters, im never missing another sunday."

the next day was sunday and we walked into the chapel and guess who was sitting there already.....the whole family!!!! he brought his wife and kids with him to church!!! oh my gosh my companion and i wanted to just like jump up and down and scream haha. best feeling ever!!

we are also teaching another less active. he's an older man and has been a member for a while. we taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ this week and the Spirit was so powerful!! it made me realize how important it is for us to endure to the end. enduring to the end is what we pretty much do our whole lives!! if we dont endure to the end then we can't go back to our Heavenly Father. it is such an important step that we need to take. it hit me real hard in that lesson and i told myself that i will do everything i can for the rest of my life to endure to the end.

well i love you all!! sorry it's a little short this week. ill do my best to write more next week, but no promises :) hahaha au lomani kemudou!!

This Toko, aka TOKS!

This is Kanani!  We 'olelo in Hawaiian.  hahahaha.
Fijian kid's favorite game "Vaqiqi Taia"

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