Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bula Maleka Mama!!

bula maleka mama!!

im gonna be honest, this week was a loooooooong week!! haha but we did so many things. on monday we had 2 of the new sisters stay with us. it was nice to hear of the MTC experiences and their excitement to go to their own areas and start their missions. they were able to spend a day proselyting with us and got a big wake up call with the amount of walking we did lol. by the time we got back to the flat they showered and just knocked out, those poor girls. 

we also had zone training meeting this week. they talked about the attributes that a leader should have. they mentioned that there were 23 new missionaries coming in in january and so there'll be about 38 missionaries training at once, so the mission is trying to get all the missionaries prepared and ready if they called to train or to a new position. they talked about being obedient, charitable, bold, and diligent. they also had a training on being grateful, after the talk by pres. uchtdorf. about being grateful in whatever circumstance we're in. 

i also got to meet sis. kelemeti, who is the lady in charge of like all the genealogy of Rotuma. her son is in our ward and one day when we were at their house i told him that i was part Rotuman and that i had my family history but didnt know anything about it. he said that he would tell his mom because she's the boss of all Rotuman family history. so this week i met her and she was able to go through it with me and told me some things about my family. she said that i have a lot of cousins in Suva and that i was lucky to be Rotuman haha. one of my ancestor's names is "Hualta" and she said that she is the only lady with that name ever. the name is like comparing that woman's beauty to the beauty of the moon. she said that my ancestor must have been a very beautiful woman. she also gave me some extra family history papers and charts and things which ill bring home.

starting on friday it was raining like crazy!! there was flooding on saturday and there's one place in our area that floods really bad. the river rises above the bridge and no one is able to go in or out. when we walked up there yesterday we saw the damages from the flooding and saw that there were police men in the river looking for something. we later found out that there was a 19 year old boy missing and they were looking for his body. i felt sick in my stomach. it was so sad! after church we went and visited the families thats homes got flooded and lost everything and we took them some food from the bishop's storehouse. they were so grateful and it was sad to see how much they lost. when we went back to the chapel to give our visiting report, some of the young men that went up to the area that flooded told us that they found the boy's body. they took a video and you could hear the mother crying at the loss of her son. my heart broke and i just prayed that the rain would stop and that there would be no more flooding. the rain has now stopped and we just hope that it'll stay like this. i know that the Lord will comfort those that have lost so much.

we went and taught one of our investigators about the plan of salvation. her mom was there in the lesson with us and listened as we taught. as we went through the plan of salvation she agreed with everything that we said. she is a catholic.  she enjoyed our lesson until we started talking about the 3 kingdoms. she didnt reject them but she paid a lot more attention. we explained it slowly and tried to help her understand why there were 3 kingdoms. at the end of the lesson she shared that she wants to believe the plan of salvation because it gives her more hope and comfort rather then just heaven and hell. she said she would pray about it and told us that usually people from other churches would come and share but she would just shut them down. she admitted that she was a very hard hearted person. but at the end of our lesson she told us that we had just softened her heart and weakened. she thanked us and told us that she really wants to believe the plan of salvation is true. 

au lomani kemudou!! sota tale!! vinaka ena nomudou masu.

loloma levu,
sista chong

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