Sunday, December 14, 2014

Counting Down

bula mama!

well this week was exciting!! we had no water for three days. we had our missionary christmas party. i gave my departing testimony. we had our ward primary program. we had flat cleaning inspections. and there's a mouse in our house!! aaaahhh!! 

so we'll start with the water. our water got cut off on sunday all the way until wednesday. they said that there was like 211,000 people without water this week. from what i heard, it's because of the heavy rains that have been happening that it's messing with the clean water and all that stuff. im not really sure. all i know is that i have never appreciated water so much in my life!! 

on tuesday we had our zone conference/christmas party. it was way fun!! well the second half. i had to give my departing testimony in the zone conference section and it was really hard. plus i had to go first!! i just shared things ive learned in my mission and some experiences that ive had. let's just say im glad it's over. lol. the whole conference was about Jesus Christ. Pres. Layton gave a training about the atonement and spoke to us about the last supper. he walked us through it and you could really feel the Spirit that was in the room. i pictured myself and what it would be like if Christ was serving me the sacrament. our mission president then told us that we would be partaking of the sacrament. a couple of the zone leaders and the assistants got up and administered the sacrament. i was just crying and crying because the Spirit was so overpowering!! it was an amazing experience.

after the spiritual part we had our christmas party. we had a good lunch and then we played games. the zone leaders came up with the games. we did a relay race. way fun!! we sang christmas carols and had to act them out. and then we built fijian gingerbread houses. ill show you pictures. but the games were way fun! and then we watched FROZEN!!! it was soooooo good!!! i like that movie a lot :) and im sure the kids like it, so we're gonna watch it when i come home. lol. but over all it was a fun day. our mission president and his wife gave us fiji suva mission sulus. it was so much fun!

we got to see our most progressing investigators this week. one of them is preparing to be baptized on december 27. her mom is the one that said she really wants to know that the plan of salvation is true. well we went and taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ this week and she shared with us that she wants to be baptized. she said that she knows that the things we share are true and that she feels something inside that she's never felt before. she was excited for us to come and visit and couldn't wait for us to arrive. the only hard thing is that she can't come to church because of some medical problems so we asked our leaders and they said that if brethren from our ward can take her the sacrament, so she feels the Spirit of the sacrament, then she can be baptized. so we're excited to tell her the news this week and we'll see what she says.

last thing. there's a mouse in our flat. oh my gosh it's the worse!! it's the second one since ive been in this flat and our flat is clean, so i dont know why they're still coming. but ofcourse i screamed and freaked out but we're gonna catch it tonight, dont worry. eeww mice!! 

well i love you all!! time is running short, so gotta word hard! serving with no regrets.

loloma levu
sista chong

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