Monday, December 1, 2014

Working Hard in Lami

Looks Like Kapahi!!!!

bula mama!

this week was invitation sunday! it's where all throughout the pacific the area seventy has asked all the wards to set aside 30 november as a special sunday to invite all of our non-member friends and families and our less actives. we had an amazing turn out!! a lot of the members brought friends to church and we also saw a lot of less actives come back. we had 5 of our investigators come to church!!! we almost had a party!! lol two of them it was their first time to church and they enjoyed it. we also may have gotten a new investigator from sunday that we'll go visit this week. so we were so happy and invitation sunday was a success!! 

the theme for the sacrament meeting was matthew 11:28. one of the speakers was one of our returning members. he did an awesome job!! it was amazing to see how far he came, from not even living church standards anymore and falling away to standing in front of a congregation bearing such a powerful testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. it was blessing to see. i learned that it is never too late for someone to come back into the Gospel. we should never give up on visiting them or inviting them back. eventually they will back. 

on thursday as we were walking through one of our areas a guy called us over, wanting to know more about the church. we sat down where he was and asked us, "so what do you guys believe?" i was like whoa man, it'll take more than just one meeting to tell you what we believe. so we asked him if he had time and we had a lesson with him. we started teaching the first lesson, the Restoration, and were talking about prophets when all of a sudden he tells our member present in fijian (thinking we dont understand)...."can i have guys come because they can actually teach me something." i stopped and just said "you have anything you want to share or a question?" he then opened up to the scripture "i am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ...." he repeated the same things over and over and said he wants men to come and teach him because only men can tell him what that verse means. we sat there for a little while and he went on and on and then my companion just jumped in and told him what the scripture meant. she told him that no matter if you have men or women come and teach you, we teach the same things. he got quiet after that and finally listened to what we had to share. he tried to prove the Book of Mormon wrong and told us that he just wants to understand Christ's life and why He came and suffered for our sins. i asked him if we could share a scripture from the Book of Mormon and he agreed. we opened to alma 7:11-12. after we read it and i explained it a little and all he said was, "who wrote this book!?" with such excitement. we knew that now he was ready to listen to us. we explained more about the Book of Mormon and invited him to read and pray about it. he said he would and asked us to come and check up on him every time we walked by to see how his reading was going. so we will go back and see him this week and see if the Holy Ghost has pierced his heart yet :)

our new investigator that we met last week when she came to church is doing amazing! we went to her house after church on sunday and was able to talk to her mom and her sister as well. they are such kind people. the mom told us of all the hardships she's gone through and is currently going through. she asked us about our missionary work and if we go through hard times as well. we told her that this is hardest thing we've ever done in our lives but it's also the most rewarding. we taught them the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and they believe everything. in that same lesson we committed the two sisters to be baptized on 20 december and they accepted. so we're really excited for that!! they love coming to church and activities and love learning more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. we're excited for them!!

the work here in lami is going very fast and we're barely keeping up. definitely keeping us busy :) a new intake came in today and we'll have 2 of the sisters staying with us while they're doing orientation and stuff, so that's exciting!! i think that's all for this week. au lomani kemudou!! sota tale!!

loloma levu,
sista chong

Missionary Homecoming Dinner

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