Monday, January 12, 2015

Ua Pau!

bula mama!!!

ill see you in 4 days!!! that's all. hahaha jokes!! i dont have much to say besides I LOVE MY MISSION!!! it's amazing how much you can learn in only 18 months. the Lord just works you and works you and if you let Him do it, then you will change your life to become more like His. that's what a mission is all about. becoming like our Savior. 

the biggest lesson ive learned is to rely on the Atonement. im sure ive already told you this but it really is the best lesson ive learned on my mission. i guess i had to go through some pretty hard things before i realized i couldnt do it alone. and now i can't imagine doing anything without His help. i know that He suffered not only for our sins but to give us the enabling power that we need to overcome the hardships and the sadness that we face daily. He is the only one that can help us fully because He is the only that knows what we're going through. 

yesterday in church our bishop made us say prayers, share our testimonies, and they sang the fijian farewell song, "Isa, isa" ofcourse i cried like a little baby hahaha!! it has been such a blessing to finish my mission here in lami. the members are so loving and have helped us so much!! it is the place to be. i have learned so much from them and it breaks my heart to know that i have to leave them. sometimes i think it's harder to leave fiji, then home. did that make sense? man my english is pretty bad. sorry. but i will miss the people that ive come to love!!! im gonna miss fiji!! im gonna miss everything about it, but will bring back with me as much as i can.

today we went to a members house and prepared a lovo (imu) for lunch. it was so fun!! we're emailing now while it's cooking and we're gonna go back at eat. it was so nice!! they made it for us, for our last week here in lami. 

my new year's resolution is to continue to strengthen my faith and testimony in the Gospel everyday. never miss a day of scripture study because i dont want to loose this drive that i have now. im grateful for my mission and the opportunity the Lord gave me to serve His children. it has taught me so much and i can see that i have no regrets!! au lomani kemudou!! sota tale!! se vo va na siga :)

loloma levu,
sista chong

My Rotuman Family

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Finish Strong!

bula mama!

VAKATAWASE!! hau'oli makahiki hou!! i hope everyone had a wananavu new years. here in fiji all we do is eat :) hahhaha woohoo! we cooked indian food because we didn't have a dinner appointment, which was a lot of fun. 

this week i finished the book of mormon. what a blessing it has been to read through it again. i could feel the love of the my Heavenly Father as i read through it everyday. throughout my reading this time, i tried to focus on the Atonement of Jesus Christ in missionary work. missionary work is all about the Atonement! it's the center of our purpose! if it weren't for the Atonement, the people we teach wouldn't be able to change their lives to draw closer to Him. yesterday in our fast and testimony meeting a sister who just returned from her mission shared about how the Gospel is all about change. we are constantly changing who we are, our bad habits, our actions, our words, to become more like our Savior, more Christlike. the book of mormon has helped me to see of the love our Savior for each of us and the purpose of His Atonement. my testimony of the Atonement has grown tremendously. not only have i read about it in the book of mormon but because i have been studying it, i now know how to truly apply it into my own life. i had a desire to change and only the Lord and His Atonement could give me the power and strength to do so. 

this saturday we have 2 baptisms. we're so excited! they are both young women. one of them lives with members, which has been a blessing because she has that support she needs all the time. the other girl lives really close to members and actually asked if she could go to church with them. she has been so excited from the beginning to be baptized and we went and asked her dad last week if it was okay and he was like, "sisters, it is very very okay that my daughter is baptized." we told her that she was setting a good example for her family and eventually they will follow. her sister is already starting to come to church with her and so we're pretty excited.

well sorry not that much to write. everything is just kind of starting to wind down. im giving it everything i got this week and im gonna finish strong! au lomani kemudou! sota tale!!

loloma levu, 
sista chong

Children in Lami

Dinner with Members

Lolo buns
New Years Dinner